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To the devs of COTR Skins: gotta get them all!

Adamant_CyanideAdamant_Cyanide Posts: 15 Level 2

Is there a place where I can see the skins the game has so I can find out which ones I currently have and ones I'm missing, so players such as myself could see the possible skins that can be useful for runs. Oh and big possible idea (maybe) could there be Skins that could increase mechanical parts as well? I love this game and I'm super hyperactive on it and I'd like to see the game become better for new comers. Keep doing the good work and much Bandicoot love to y'all

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  • Andrew1009Andrew1009 Posts: 285 Level 3

    Currently there is no skin to boost mechanical parts . Only ingredients, trophies and wumpa fruits are available to boost at 10%, 20%, 40% and 80% depending on skin rarity which are common, rare, epic and legendary.

  • Andrew1009Andrew1009 Posts: 285 Level 3

    Not all the skins are able to obtain because some of the skins cannot be bought like pre-register skin, season ranking skin and season reward skin.

  • hanautaBOBhanautaBOB Posts: 655 Level 3

    That's what we heard... "No skin will stay exclusive, except Blue Hyena Crash".

    My Problem is, they'd still be technically correct if they just put in ALL SKINS (Minus Blue Hyena) with the Final Update.

    There is no way of telling which skins are able to appear in the Vendor and which are excluded from the Vendor Rotation (even if just temporary) .

    I gotta be honest it feels like I haven't seen certain Skins that SHOULD be in the Vendor at all despite playing since the Release, and as far as I can tell none of the Seasonal Skins got added to the Vendor yet (not even the ones from the Launch Party Season that was just a weekend)...

    It is hard to tell if there is something fishy going on since the Vendor only shows 4 Random Skins... So, unless you want to spent a Fortune on Crystals, it will a pretty long way to clearing the Vendor.

    Neither the Devs nor the Official Channels are clear beyond "the skins will EVENTUALLY be in the Vendor" statement .. And with the higher ups at King enforcing changes that are bad for us players, I wouldn't be surprised if we only got the Seasonal Stuff at the Very End of this Games Life Cycle.

    It probably won't be THAT bad, but if through some cruel Twist of Fate it actually happened, I can't say it would have come out of nowhere...

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