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The Ultimate Weapons and Ingredients list for Cotr to gain 200 Power Gems (v1.1)

faisalkhan2faisalkhan2 Posts: 72 Level 3

Welcome back Everyone with the Updated list for crash on the run Weapon and Ingredients list. This time I have done it again and expand it to 200 Power gems. While I was double checking Ingredients I wanna make sure Everything is correct that is until I found an error on Oxide Eggs in 175 Power Gems Catagory. Before we go into the list. Here is what I have done in v1.1 list

[Update v1.1]

- You need 247 Oxide eggs Instead of 253 eggs in 175 Power gems Category, there was an Small Error, which I fix it.

- Expanded the list to 200 Power Gems for Each Gang and total weapons and Ingredients.

- Added a list of when you going to Unlock Each Weapons with Power Gems.

- Added Weapon's Gab list to gain 140 to 175 Power Gems and 175 to 200 Power Gems.

So Let's talk about when you going to Unlock Each Weapons.

- For Starter you will have Nitro Serum to craft.

- You need 4 Power Gems to Unlock Nitro Bomb.

- You need 8 Power Gems to Unlock Frosty Serum.

- You need 16 Power Gems to Unlock Frosty Bomb.

- You need 21 Power Gems to Unlock Nitro Raygun.

- You need 28 Power Gems to Unlock Frosty Raygun.

- You need 30 Power Gems to Unlock Nitro Bazooka.

- You need 45 Power Gems to Unlock Inferno Serum.

- You need 55 Power Gems to Unlock Inferno Bomb.

- You need 60 Power Gems to Unlock Inferno Raygun.

- You need 75 Power Gems to Unlock Frosty Bazooka.

- You need 90 Power Gems to Unlock Inferno Bazooka.

- You need 100 Power Gems to Unlock Oxide Serum.

- You need 120 Power Gems to Unlock Oxide Bomb.

- You need 145 Power Gems to Unlock Oxide Raygun.

- You need 175 Power Gems to Unlock Oxide Bazooka

When you hit Certain Power Gems you get to unlock these weapons that I Listed up. ^

Alright now Let's talk about how many Weapons and Ingredients you need for each gang and at the end you will see how many weapons and Ingredients you will need in total. I'll provide you with Screenshots..

And Here's the Zoomed screenshot of total Weapons and Ingredients list.

Next, I have to tell you how Much Weapons you need to gain 200 power Gems from 175 Power Gems. It's Besically 175 to 200 Power Gems gab And Here's what you need. You will also get to know how Much weapons do you need to gain 175 power gems from 140 and it was Useful for those when we didn't had Upstream update.

Before you ask Faisal can you provide us with Google spreadsheet link? Unfortunately I can't. this is unless I hit level 3 in Forum then I'll Update this to add Google Spreadsheet link. 

I hope you guys find my Guide Useful. I worked really hard on them. I put my Effort into these guides for you. Just you need to know what you need next. :)

Thank you


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