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Fix Survival Runs first before anything else

LynicaLynica Posts: 50 Level 3

I know this has been said on reports numerous times but since we're not getting any official update or news from the devs, might as well suggest here that Survival Runs should be fixed first. Like seriously, we have been waiting for it to be fixed for months now but none of the update patch notes mentioned the survival runs getting fixed. A new update just came out with more bugs but no news or anything else on what's happening and what's gonna happen next. Don't you think we've been patient enough and it's time for us to actually enjoy playing it without having to find a pattern where to purposely die just so the game won't crash? The patterns are not even working anymore. It's getting worse and we're left in the dark. I know coding and game development isn't easy but why would anyone even release a game that's unplayable? No more bandaids please. We need a solid fix.

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  • DanielProGamerDanielProGamer Posts: 16 Level 2

    Diria que las carreras de supervivencia sean mas rapidas ya que a velocidad 2.0 sigue siendo demasiado facil no se si esten de acuerdo ademas de que corrigen errores porque antes solo podria llegar maximo a 400 sin perder automaticamente me sacaba del juego pero ahora al jugar en supervivencia me saca en cualquier momento creo que no nomas a mi ya que muchos tenemos esos errores en crash on the run como soy lider de un clan panteras mexico soy el 1 y vamos 1 es tedioso perder trofeos debido a que ya me saca seguido

  • HubuduguhHubuduguh Posts: 12 Level 2

    Voted. This is pretty crucial, along with taking care of the hacker accounts hijacking the leaderboards

  • Emi_lijaEmi_lija Posts: 61 Level 3

    Voted! After 1.70.60 update Survival Runs are unplayable. Problems start when second bot dies and after that app just crashes leading to ticket loss and 0 trophies earned. We need information on what is going on cause now the major part of the game is broken. Before anything else fix Survival Runs.

  • GloInTheDarkGloInTheDark Posts: 63 Level 3

    Yeah, it would be great if they would fix the useful stuff instead of just releasing more skins that we can't even get!

  • GloInTheDarkGloInTheDark Posts: 63 Level 3
    edited July 23

    So do I, but the new Country Jersey skins that aren't available in all locations (i.e. CAN Jersey is only available in Canada) aren't part of the season or anything, so they could have been delayed to allow devs to focus on fixing the survival runs.

  • hanautaBOBhanautaBOB Posts: 662 Level 3


    1.50 had some good adjustments (starting speed was slightly faster, Trophy Rate was almost twice as fast, Max speed at around 720 instead of 320 allowed for way more Trophies before Risking Freezing/Crashes).

    Why that got COMPLETELY undone is beyond me, it was as close as we got to survival run actually working, so I'd suggest they should go back to that until they figure out how we can play at max speed without the game crashing/freezing.

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