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What do you think as a solution for these limited skin offers ?



  • gabe_logangabe_logan Posts: 181 Level 3

    @Hubuduguh maybe create a poll and ask if anybody would buy the skins if the were easy to get ... I wonder

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  • fabkefabke Posts: 3,970 Pro Player 👑
    edited July 2021

    The link doesn't work

    Make this kind of skins available to all and change in Vending Machine for free and make moe skins.

    @Joey_YouTube voted ✔

    I found, you can have them free and if your bored, you just change it and make much more skins. Draw some special are celebrating skins.

    Thanks for the tag @Diamond Lim

  • hanautaBOBhanautaBOB Posts: 685 Level 3

    I wouldn't say it's exactly "easy" to save up the gems if you try to go free to play with this game.

    You gotta hope you don't run out of Ads and especially avoid the 18 or 36 Crystal Revives in Survival run.

    One misclick and you lose more than you can gain in a day.

    It should be 34 a day, but Great Gate is lacking the gem run since it got added, so the only Guaranteed Crystals you have are 22 from Gem Runs, 5 from the first Ad in the Vendor and 5 from a daily challenge... So it's just 32 instead.

    Two days without accidents for a common skin.

    4 days for a Rare skin (ccould be 3, but we lack the Gem Challenge so it's 4)

    7 days for an epic skin.

    13 days for a legendary.

    Even if all of them were added to the vendor, it would be a lot of time you need to invest to get everything.

    Also there is the issue that if you don't do every challenge exactly 24 hours later because you forgot it or failed or had something else to do, you waste precious time.

    No matter how you turn it, you won't be able to keep up the 24 hour cycle to perfectly clear them without some gaps. At some point you will have to skip at least a day, and just because they made them with the 24 Hour cooldown instead of refreshing them at a specific time like Daily Quests or the Vendor.

    Finally, as mentioned before, only "Blue Hyena Crash" was supposed to be special, so telling the devs it would be A GOOD IDEA to keep SOME SKINS EXCLUSIVE is very dangerous!

    Exclusivity makes sense in a game there you can actually show off the skins with live PvP, but we can't even pick the Avatar Logo in the in game chat, so those skins are basically as good for bragging as the Skins in Crash 4... Which means, not at all.

    If we did in fact race other players, it would be different story, still not a fan of exclusivity, but I'd at least get that people that "paid for the skin" want it to feel "Special", so making it "free" could eeduce their "fun".

    But, as I see it, Bots just pick literally any skin they like in SR, so you get reminded to check the Vendor and Special offers.

    I get they don't want to hand out everything for free, they want people to buy, buy, buy.

    Only problem is, were PROMISED they'd end up in the Vendor... I mean, they still got "time" sincecthey set a very unspecific "a few seasons later"... But I think it's about Time Pre-Launch/Beta Stuff, Launch Party and Season 1 stuff get added in the Vendor... Together with all the common, rare and epic skins that just started "disappearing".

    This game is literally a collectors Nightmare, Nitro Fueled wasn't really what i'd call "good" with it's "Pit Stop", but at least it was easier to unlock stuff because if you bought an Item a replacement would come immediately and in its final updates you could "refresh" to just replace all items in the shop with different ones, plus you could grind all day to get coins.

    In CotR there is only a limited amount of Crystals you can get per day, you need to keep saving up for a while before you can afford anything, anything below Legendary is kinda pointless, because you'll keep losing stuff if you don't go for the 80% boosts and still, even though that's a thing, they make it so you can't get the "useless" skins.

    So... Yeah, I really don't want people to signal them, "please be even worse to us players, please take more of our money".

    I don't mind people being impatient and buying Crystals because they never learned how saving up currency works, but if they say "You can get all skins from the vendor (eventually, except BHC) I want them to keep their promise.

    People making a surprised Pikachu face for Nitro Fueled getting MTX post launch when they used the clear loophole of "AT LAUNCH this game will be free of MTX" are one thing, they just didn't want to listen closely to what was said.

    But this game had a VERY SPECIFIC Promise, so I'm just waiting for it to be fulfilled.

  • gabe_logangabe_logan Posts: 181 Level 3

    This is really hitting the point. EVERYBODY at King in charge of the game should read it. Why is no one of them commenting on these issues.

    The info is valuable from a player who knows the game by heart and is a true collector.

    I feel the same way too, at least beta (Bubblegum! ) and 1st season (Bunny / Chicken) should be available RIGHT NOW!

    Thankfully I habe Blue Hyena, otherwise I probably would stop collecting !

    Please add the beta and first season skins!

    Add the missing crystal run!

    PLEASE fulfill your promise!

  • HubuduguhHubuduguh Posts: 12 Level 2

    @hanautaBOB. Great point about not being able to show off the skins in game right now anyway.

    When I said "it shouldn't be too easy" to get all skins, I thought the suggestion was to put every single skin in vendor (kinda off topic.) Assuming at least a dozen different skins are in the regional sets, I see that being way too much work to keep 100% - F2P or not. Which is why I suggested they don't even count toward running total.

    The lack of Great Gate gem run still bothers me too. I mean that would put us at 12 days' crystals for a legendary vs. 13? The gem run cooldowns could use a tweak for sure, or else I think the ability to crystal farm is in a pretty decent place (much better than many mobile/free games.) I wouldnt expect to be able to get everything in a free game without some serious grind.

  • CocoBandicootCocoBandicoot Posts: 6 Level 2

    I’m not too with my game crashing all the time!

  • yuvi3000yuvi3000 Posts: 84 Level 3

    I selected Make this kind of skins available to all and purchasable in Vending Machine but I wouldn't mind at all if paying players got to access them early via real money purchases and free players had to wait for them.

    I think it would also be great if they had minigames or alternate parts of the game that could reward us with skins.

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