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1.70.70 Survival run report

Wumpa_BakerWumpa_Baker Posts: 50 Level 2

Player id: 12462411140

Samsung Galaxy S8

Android 9

Just downloaded 1.70.70 and ran 3 survival runs. Below are my reports:

1st run:

Skin: Dragon Coco

Course: Bear it!

  • 221 off to the great blue beyond

Watched an AD and continued

  • 422 off to the great blue beyond...again

A seal was supposed to appear In the center lane but did not. It would normally go into the right lane then back to the center. I was in mid air on my way to the gbb when I noticed that it had generated in the left lane.

Watched an AD and continued

  • 547 wiped out

Watched an AD and continued

  • 645 wiped out

Collected trophies.

2nd run:

Skin: Dragon Coco

Course: Bear it!

  • 275 almost went on a trip to gbb but some how stayed on the course.
  • 381 game froze then closed.

When I restarted the game I went and checked my tickets. It had been used. No were trophies collected.

3rd run:

Skin: Sorceress Coco

Course: Bear it!

  • 254 the screen shook. It was like if you had a camera behind you and it went over gravel. I wiped myself out to be on the safe side.

Watched an AD and continued.

  • 417 screen shook again. I believe I wiped myself out again to be safe.

Watched an AD and continued.

  • 712 had been running for a bit, didn't want to encounter any issues so I decided to play it safe and wipe out.

Watched an AD and continued.

  • 976 wiped out.

Collected trophies.

The game is still having problems with survival runs but now when it happens I get an AD and can continue...most of the time. Also I am able to collect the trophies which of course is good.


  • Andrew1009Andrew1009 Posts: 298 Level 3

    At least SR doesn't crashed which is good, rather than 0 trophies.

  • Hey! Would you like to give us your opinion?

  • WumpaThumpaWumpaThumpa Posts: 177 Level 3
    edited July 27

    Thanks for the info. I played a few tickets as well and found it has stabilised much more than it was, although it still has the same crashes/bugs, they happen less frequently.

    I managed to get to 380 trophies the first time before it crashed (Crash/Coco ran off the map into the void) but instead of the app becoming unresponsive or closing itself, it allowed me to watch an ad.

    I played 3 tickets as well and the game did not force quit once. However it did crash/bug out every 200+ trophies and force me to watch an ad to continue.

    For the first time this season I was able to get to over 500 trophies.

    Although I still couldn't make it to 1000... atleast I could keep some trophies from watching ads.

    Hopefully it continues to improve.

    •Edit: but then this ... lost ticket and trophies 🙃

  • DebajyotiDebajyoti Posts: 2 Newbie

    There are a few awkward Chanting sounds in survival runs.

    Please fix that

  • Samu92Samu92 Posts: 185 Level 2

    So the void there Is yet but now you can continue like the 1.50 version right? When arrive for me the update, I'll download It and I'll see. Thank you.

  • Samu92Samu92 Posts: 185 Level 2

    In spite of the same bugs (there is void with this version 1.70.70. but without crashing). So if you fall in the void you can continue.

    I done 808+50 trophies

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