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DimenzioDimenzio Posts: 597 Crash On the Run Moderator

Hello, dear bandicoots 👋

We always want to make sure that the leaderboards are fair and equitable. The anti-cheat system does a good job in it too, but unfortunately it still sometimes happens that players who want to gain an unfair advantage bypass the system.

We understand that this can lead to a bad player experience, therefore we are now opening this megathread where you can report players/teams that you suspect are cheating or taking advantage of the system in other ways. 

📄 How to make a proper report: 

If a team is cheating: Please submit a screenshot of the team you're thinking is cheating as shown in the example (it's important to show the ID of the team) and state why you think that they are cheating.

If a player is cheating: Please submit a screenshot of the profile of the player, a screenshot of the team they are currently a member of, and state why you think that they are cheating. 

Please note that our devs are really busy so it might take a while until they have a look into your report. If nothing is done about the team/player for a while, this could mean that the team/player wasn't cheating in the first place. 

All other posts about players/teams cheating will be closed and moved to this thread to prevent them from overfilling the forums!! 

I also want to mention that we're more than grateful for every single report you guys make. It helps a lot in improving the game and in making things easier for our devs 🤗



  • Joey_YouTubeJoey_YouTube Posts: 988 Level 3

    Hello @Dimenzio 🤗

    Thanks for making this megathread which is a great Idea ❤✅

    There is this guy called " CrashitoBiohazard33 " who posted his trophies score in wumpa games contest which is totally not logic at all and makes no sense in terms of making this score in less than 2 weeks .

    Hope this get considered as not legal/legit gains .

    Regards ✅

  • Hey! Would you like to give us your opinion?

  • Maxmouse1987Maxmouse1987 Posts: 5 Level 2
    edited August 9
  • amogusamogus Posts: 72 Level 2
    edited August 9
  • caarllooss19caarllooss19 Posts: 4 Newbie
    In my case, the cheater has already been banned. He joined the team and made 200,000 trophies in about 20 minutes. But the team's total score is still adding up to that cheater's points. The right thing would be a new count to be fair. Below is the screenshot of the team where the cheater scored, and then the screenshot of my team, which has players with better scores and still has half the score of the first one.

  • MisaffectiveMisaffective Posts: 1 Newbie
    edited August 23


    This team was not in the Top 10 since the start of the season, but suddenly this morning I noticed they reached 1st place in such a short amount of time. I checked their team to see if the trophies add up, and after calculating the approximate amount of trophies, they do not add up to the total amount it shows for their team. This is very suspicious, especially since they were not on the top 10 to begin with. My team was in 3rd place before this happened, and now because of this team we were bumped down to 4th place.

    The total it shows for them is 544,091, but when I calculated the total trophies for the team, it was estimated around 40,268 trophies. Please investigate this. This is very unfair and my team works very hard to collect trophies, yet now we are being beaten by a team that is suspicious or potentially cheating.

    Thank you very kindly.

    EDIT: The issue has been resolved!! Thanks for taking action quickly!

  • Fcz_xFcz_x Posts: 7 Level 2

    This two guys are really suspicious, from one time to another gain 5k, investigate because is really weird and unfair. Thanks!

  • amogusamogus Posts: 72 Level 2

    Yes he or she is cheating ban him

  • privacyimportantprivacyimportant Posts: 24 Level 2

    Thank you for reporting a possible cheating regarding Juicyfruit and Soul, we welcome devs investigation as there is no untoward/illegal/cheating being conducted. If you wish to be adviced on how our daily scores are legally achieved please asks :)


  • Fcz_xFcz_x Posts: 7 Level 2

    Yes i want to know how you can win trophies so quickly now and not before this event without cheating :)

  • privacyimportantprivacyimportant Posts: 24 Level 2

    1st, u have to be able to dedicated your time.

    2nd, u have to put the team above your own goals.

    3rd, u will need on average 10hrs a day worth of play time.

    4th, u will need to choose a track u r comfortable playing with.

    5th, run.

    6th, cash in ur steps for trophies.

    7th, u must put ur teams needs above ur own.

    8th, have the sence about u that someone is always going to b better than u and just coz they r it doesn't mean they are cheating.

    9th, give it a go, u too can acheive a large number of steps/trophies, much larger than 5k, if u have the time


  • Fcz_xFcz_x Posts: 7 Level 2

    Mmmmm...really don't believe you, starting with your profile name trying to be "important" with a low lvl recent created account, second i don't care that someone is better than me, in my team i'm 12 so isn't a problem...in my opinion 50-60k trophies in a short time can't be obtainable in a legally way, so i'll be waiting for devs investigation :) thanks anyway...

  • privacyimportantprivacyimportant Posts: 24 Level 2

    My privacy is important to me, so what, my account isn't that recent, ur lvl 14 in ur team coz ur not a team player, my experience is low coz i save my tickets to use after I've helped the team achieve, i have 41 tickets saved, ive invested over 900hrs playing the game...how and when i choose to cash in my xp is up to me...i don't need someone that can't do the hard yards for their team or themselves calling me a cheat, then question my name, followed by my arrival or xp.

    We will wait and see about the devs decision but based on their record in such things, they will just ban me based on ur false report without investigation (too much time away from making money), in which case i will sit bk and wait for u to meet ur on fate when u r accused of the same thing.

    Have a pleasant day wrapped in ur bitterness , self-absorption and laziness


  • Beast___Beast___ Posts: 39 Level 2

    “9 excuses for cheating” a light novel brought to you by Juicy….. I mean “privacyimportant”

  • Danielnic2508Danielnic2508 Posts: 7 Level 2

    Hi, i dont know if this team are hacking or is just a visual bug, but the Real total trophies of the team is over 180K, but they appeared 1st with over 1Million. I reported in game with the blue exclamation but i dont know if this enough.

    Also i verified the trophies for the first place player and was 24293, so it is impossible for the team reach 1 million

    ID team: 792357753

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