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[List of skins for Cotr] skins that need to be return to Cotr.

faisalkhan2 Posts: 72 Level 3
edited July 2021 in Discussions

So Recently I did little bit digging into Crash on the run Wiki to check for skins there are some skins that were made into beta season but never got added to vending Machine and there were some skins that are Available in the vending machine but it got removed from the vending Machine in launch of Season. What skins am I talking about when the game got Launch? I'm talking about spooky Farmer, Mutated lab Assistant coco, Etc.

So I had to check on which skins were Available on beta season and Let's hope that these skins will be Available in the vending Machine but as the time progresses by, we didn't got any return skins this season. Except they Secretly added Glam Coco this season which is Great! But that lead us to we need Last exclusive skin that were Available for Beginners and didnt made it to the vending and that is... Party Crash!

If I'm correct to unlock this offer. You have to Collect 35 Power Gems to Unlock Party Crash Offer. When you unlock Offers for starter. These skins do Available in the vending machine if you didnt purchase them and there were 2 skins that didn't made it to the vending machine and it was Party crash and Glam Coco. Glam coco got return to the vending machine in season 5 and now we're waiting for Party crash to be appear in vending machine as well.

This is just 2 skins that I talk about only. the list goes on. During beta season the only 2 skins that we got was Punk Crash & Coco. Which I hope they're still Available in the vending machine. One of my Friend (Beyonder) help me out which skins are Currently missing in the vending machine and he corrected my list and Here's the list of skins that we need to see return to Crash on the run Vending machine.

As you can see we're missing Quite alot of skins in the vending Machine. Some of them were Available in the launch season but they got removed Unfortunately. If you're Curious why Spring Crash is on the list? One of my friend Beyonder told me that they dont have Spring crash on the vending. This is the skin that I got but beyonder missed it. If you guys dont know who Beyonder is.. he's one of our friend in Crash on the run Official discord. He has around 102 Skins in Cotr.

If all of these skins make it to the vending machine this will help out players to expand thier Collection. I found these Common and Rare skins Quite Cute. Most of these skins were in the Beta Version of the game. If they make it to the vending machine. It would be Great.

One important thing. I want these skins Gap to be 6 Months. To those players if they miss skins offer or didn't purchase season pass. You guys have to make it wait for 6 months/Season for these skins to be return to the vending Machine again. Having 6 Seasons gab would be Great. Now this lead you guys to one thing. What opinion do you have on this? Do these skins should make it to the vending machine or not?

Thank you for reading my post. :)



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