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What’s the point to have 2 other Fake Real Time Opponents in the Survival Run?

nanana99nanana99 Posts: 27 Level 2

What’s the point to have 2 other Fake Real Time Opponents in the Survival Run?

Given that you can revive thus actually there will be 3 champions ?

You cannot attack each others as well, Whats the difference from self running ?

This may cause lag or crash in some low end mobile devices.

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  • ZonaaZonaa Posts: 336 Level 3

    You can kill them by trowing barry on a nitro when they are near. This season is so damn easy to kill them.

    TBH I agree with you, Idk what is purpose of them... they only steal apples and crates infront of you 😠

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  • yuvi3000yuvi3000 Posts: 84 Level 3

    I think the point is to add an extra challenge to the Survival Run. They collect Wumpa Fruit and crates ahead of you. And they can distract you.

  • x24330x24330 Posts: 14 Level 2

    Why cant they just add real multiplayer?

  • AmnicronAmnicron Posts: 146 Level 3
    edited August 3

    Well for starters, they need to fix survival runs first. 😅 It's ridiculous on how broken it is that you have to be lucky to even get somewhat far in it.

  • hanautaBOBhanautaBOB Posts: 667 Level 3

    I don't know if they can tbh.

    Like really... 3 potentially completely different devices communicating via internet?

    Maybe it could work on lower speeds but as buggy as it already gets with "One Player" higher speed levels, if I imagine it constantly checking back with servers to emulate the other players inputs on your device...I just don't see it as feasible...

    But I guess the Bots Trolling you with Skins you can't buy and Stealing Wumpa, Aku and Berries is kinda like what real players would do.

    So... Maybe just pretend they aren't Bots?

    They do serve a purpose if making people think they'd be playing vs other players and motivate to get "cool skins" to "show off", so I guess from King's point of view, they do exactly what they should be doing.

    If Survival Runs weren't so messy and we'd get new Features more regularly, I wouldn't say it's impossible there will be Races Vs Real Players somewhere far FAAAAAR away in the future... But Currently, it's hardly realistic to see such a big change for the game.

  • alezioalezio Posts: 367 Level 3

    They are annoying for sure. They steal my Aku Aku mask and sometimes they get in my way so i have to change lanes in order to see in front of me.

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