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Communication, the main problem that made the game go downhill.

W35GamerW35Gamer Posts: 1,374 Level 5

Hello there. I've already talked about this earlier on discord, but I'll also post a more detailed explanation here since there is no 2,000 character limit on forums.

[This is going to be a super long text, so be ready]

I'm pretty sure the majority of the community knows the lack of communication is by far the worst issue that is causing so many problems and making it difficult solving other problems, which caused more than 96% of the playerbase (using galaxy players as sample size) stop playing the game.

Image 1: Peak of 891,000 galaxy players played 16 weeks ago.

Image 2: Valley of 35,300 galaxy players played last week.

That's 96.038% of the initial playerbase which is not playing the game anymore.

According to Play Store, COTR had over 10,000,000 downloads. So in average, we can estimate from 10,000,000 players that around 9,603,800 players don't play the game anymore and only 396,200 players are still playing at least once per week. Now that I had shown how bad the situation is right now, I guess it's time to talk what should be done to "stop" this non-stop downhill this game is going right now.

The best way to start is by improving the only "sort of" communication that we're getting, which is from patch notes. I'll compare the most recent patch notes to another game called "Mindustry", to show what a actual patch notes should look like:

Image 3: Mindustry 129.2 Pre-Alpha patch notes.

As shown in the image 3, this is how a patch notes should look like. Everything that was changed, removed, added or improved is written there. Now let's look at the most recent COTR patch notes.

Image 4: Crash On the Run 1.80 patch notes.

Let's make a quick summary before reaching into any conclusions:

"We're improving the user interface design and navigation"

Unfortunately, this is the only change from patch notes that is well informed which also benefit players.

"We've fixed a few bugs, mainly affecting bosses and runs"

I mostly assume this is referring to the seasonal bosses, but if a bug was successfully fixed, make it clear. We need to know what specific boss (or bosses) were fixed and what bug that were affecting the gameplay on them was or were patched. Hiding this information from us gives no benefit for anyone and only make the communication issues worse.

"Optimizing run speeds"

It's very weird that they mention multiple times in the other paragraphs that they are hearing our feedback, but they still insists on spending more resources, money, energy and time trying to find the specific speed the player "wants" instead of just making a option to change to the speed the player actually wants. It's impossible (impossible = absolute 0% chance) to always determine precisely what speed the player want for each level every time because of multiple factors, these include: overall skill, reflexes, but most importantly, preference. Please understand that it's impossible to determine a completely human factor, because sometimes I just want to play the level in a faster speed because I want to challenge myself, sometimes I just want to play the level in a slower speed because I want to chill/play causally or try something different.

"Collection runs"

I mostly assume this is the new feature of completing challenges that give 5 trophies. But once again, same problem - why not just mention what specifically is going to be changed? This whole unmentioned subtle changes is something you not only notice on the 1.80 patch, but in basically all the other patches as well. I'm not sure if the reward is still 5 trophies or not, but anyone that played the game and realized a few trades on Tiki head or played a couple survival runs know the reward is basically nothing.

"Balancing the economy"

If you're going to increase the requirements, at least inform us that it will be increased, not "changed". Considering now you can double up runs more often instead of once every 24h, I mostly assume it's logical to be increased to somewhere around 150~200% of the original amount. So as some of you already figured out, it's a completely unnecessary change, because while the overall resources collected are going to be increased (don't forget the double up AD's are not infinite), the requirements are going to be increased as well, so for new players it will take even longer to progress because the crafting time will remain the same. And I know why this was done, it was because of veteran players stacking hundreds of weapons right? So why not giving a usefulness to weapons via trading for other resources or even special events where you use them for global competitive (or even global cooperative) leaderboards with multiple goals? Or even better, ask for the veteran players itself what they would like to see changed on the weapons to make the experience for these players less boring. Instead they decided to make a completely unnecessary balance that was requested by zero people and ended making the experience for the new player worse.

Let's not forget about the next step, which is also the features that are being worked on and features that are going to be looked/worked on in the future. Once again, I'll use one of the Mindustry discord channels as a example. Something like this would be more than enough to inform the players about upcoming features. (Can also be used to inform about bugs that are being fixed and what patch they will notice the change)

Image 5: Quick example of how the preview channel looks like.

Anyways, I hope this made it clear of how important is to have communication between developers and players. As I said on discord - at least 1 of every 3 problems this game had could be easily solved or avoided with proper communication. This game still has great potential to be a great endless runner game, but from now it only depends of your next decisions since you already have all our suggestions, feedbacks, complaints and bug reports.


  • Denyae0203Denyae0203 Posts: 382 Level 3
  • Hey! Would you like to give us your opinion?

  • alezioalezio Posts: 367 Level 3

    You forgot to mention the automatic messages from the support team.

    I agree with the patch notes. It's better to say what they actually fixed rather than say "just a couple of bugs"

    Also, the play store doesn't show how many Samsung galaxy players have downloaded it, but every IOS that the game is released for. So, your numbers aren't accurate.

    I agree that interaction with the community is needed.

  • PauoloPauolo Posts: 534 Level 3

    The developers proved their amateurism at handling a live service, and still have a long path ahead before being able to deliver quality content regularly. Players concerned with the game's well-being can't be reassured by vague patch notes only either, and new players will only see the bugs and glitches.

  • ManiTheKingManiTheKing Posts: 64 Level 2
  • yuvi3000yuvi3000 Posts: 84 Level 3
    edited August 9

    Great post, @W35Gamer .

    I think something that you didn't touch much on, as well, is their priority on what they're working on.

    It's really ridiculous that after months, there are still game-breaking issues such as multiple bosses that are attacking during a point where the track narrows to one lane. This is something that could have been fixed in an hour (or at least a day) and improved for all future bosses, yet we got a cute little loading screen visual update as the biggest change in the latest update. (Don't get me wrong. I love the updated loading screens, but that should have come in after the main issues were resolved.)

    As a software developer myself, I know that I'm always given a list of priorities and my top priorities are ALWAYS bugs and issues. There is no way it could take them this long to find a solution for something like this. As a player, I feel betrayed, because it feels like the people at the top are saying "No, don't fix it, because people are having to watch more adverts to fight the buggy bosses and we're making more money."

    I would be happy if they took a whole month just to only keep fixing bugs and issues and then only started adding new content afterwards.

  • W35GamerW35Gamer Posts: 1,374 Level 5
    edited August 9

    Yeah and I 100% agree with all of that.

    If I decided to discuss every one of the major problems (which includes: Lack of communication, lack of priority to all important issues (specially the simple ones), greediness, cheaters, game crashing issues, and the implementation of a bunch of random features that no one ever asked), it would probably overcome the character limit from here (which I think it's something like 8192).

    @alezio great point. I completely forgot that CS here is a special case. Normally in other games the Customer Support is not great overall, but at least it does the job. But here, there are a bunch of flaws, such as: 20 crystal compensation for millions of steps lost (sometimes you don't even get anything), the wrong use of automated messages when the player clearly needs help from real people, and the whole 1-refund-only system for purple crystals that only frustrate players. And let's not forget the bugs inside such as CS not replying after you answered them with screenshots, that not only appeared once around April, but twice around late May. I know there are a few more flaws but right now I can't remember all of them.

  • wilmarvillawilmarvilla Posts: 28 Level 2

    The real problem here is that king do not care the customers. They ignored all the comments and reports, i know they could fix all but its not a priority for them. Only the money. I have to unstalled this game cause i cant allow this anymore cause i bought all the premium seasons and purple crystals. They dont respect the time of us so the problem is not the comunication its only king and his bad company.

    Crash should been in another company, better. That care the customers more than money.

  • W35GamerW35Gamer Posts: 1,374 Level 5
    edited August 10

    They are all very major issues, I still think the communication enters the first spot, because while the greediness is definitely a big factor (they really tested our limit on this one), usually most of the people have low expectations about this since it's a mobile game, and there are several mobile games that are "successful" despite being greedy at a point to become P2W, and all of them have proper communication going on (both from the team and CS). I see the lack of priority more as a result of the lack of communication, since we don't know for certain if they are genuinely working on the problems (but just can't find the root of the problems for some reason we don't know) or just intentionally ignoring what doesn't benefit them and only benefit players (I assume it's a mix of both) - this is why I had specifically said the communication was the main problem that caused the game go downhill. I still believe the lack of priority and greediness are also other major problems that severely accelerated this process by a lot (including the other ones I mentioned on my previous messages).

  • SattorSattor Posts: 20 Level 2

    @W35Gamer, I agree, well said!

    I want to add that the tests should be available once a day, and not 24 hours after successful completion. I work and spend time with my family. My free time for testing can be different: today I can play for stones only in the evening, and tomorrow only in the morning, i.e. tomorrow I cannot play for stones, and the day after tomorrow I cannot play in the morning, and then my time for the next tests is postponed after 2 days. At the same time, I could enter the game for 5 minutes at 2 o'clock and not experience problems, if not for the terrible strict rules of the developers.

    This is the only game with a sound problem when another person calls me on the phone. Most often, I play without sound, when I receive a call, the sound turns on, my interlocutor hears the sound of the game. WTF !? The sound of the game should be silenced anyway when I receive a call, but here the opposite is true.

  • hanautaBOBhanautaBOB Posts: 667 Level 3

    Yeah, communication is really bad.

    It also causes people to make multiple discussions about the same things, that could preemptively avoided if they were more open about stuff.

    I mean, i thought we might gonna get tge Jetpack as an alternate playstyle to keep the game more interesting, but seing how this game still struggles with Battle Runs, Survival Runs and Collection Runs (e. G. Sewer or Later is possibly gonna stay broken forever), I've given up on that.

    I would settle for the bare minimum... You know.

    No more freezing, no more Crashing, no more Ads that don't spit out the Rewards they should, no more ads that Bug out the sound of the game completely... You know, just the game functioning as intended.

    Also, I hate if they use the word "Balance" for a bad change.

    Everybody remembers the "Balance Change" there King decided "giving players 3 free Survival Run tickets is too much"

    I'd maybe agree of you literally could play for hours without dying and making thousands or ten-thousands of trophies per Ticket... But it's just gambling as is.

    The game could crash mid run, while trying to load your revive screen, while trying to load the ad or maybe even get stuck on the loading screen after a revive... So considering all this, wouldn't the right thing to balance it out be giving more tickets to compensate for the horrible state SRs are in?

    Not in Kings Eyes.

    Just more MTX and less player friendly changes.

    Also still waiting for the Vendor to feature "formerly Season Exclusive Items".

    I doubt it by now.


    It doesn't seem like King even Aknowledges the Vendor is being faulty at all. And if they don't add any seasonal skins it just gets more people to panic and buy in those overpriced "Special Offers".

    I don't quite get how these so called "Discounts" are supposed to work if there are no "regular prized offers"... Isn't this like against the law in certain countries? Fake "Discounts"?

    Well anyways, I don't think King would care even if they were breaking Laws as long as people give them their Money, they are fine being as horrible as possible.

    You might think the Activision-Blizzard stuff would have made them extra humble and prone to being overly nice, but I guess not.

    Meanwhile the Mods here take a lot of the heat even if they are the least responsible for the horrible state the game is in.

    But with a Brick Wall Support Team that is just allowed to use very annoyingly worded copy paste answers and rarely can do anything other than effectively say "Just Wait till it's fixed", "Here, some Crystals" or "You get nothing, go away now!", they are pretty much the only means of communication.

    That leads to players lashing out at them...

    Wish the higher ups at King would just show some integrity and admit they are managing this game horribly and start being more open...

    Of course they put a target on their back, but that's just the consequences of hiding like cowards before.

    Maybe they could eventually mend their Relation to players, but the important thing would be to stop sugarcoating bad stuff and just tell us what's going on with the game.

    We're gonna find out either way, so hiding bad news is only gonna make it worse.

    IDK, I just feel exhausted of the BS players get put through with this game and they are just supposed to accept it and most importantly pay up.

    You can rant an infinite amount of Times but evidently, nothing changes for the better.

  • WumpaThumpaWumpaThumpa Posts: 177 Level 3
    edited August 13

    Like so many other mobile games, COTR takes more than it gives. All mobile games are pretty outdated compared to console games. But not only that, they become rich from micro-transactions. Much like casinos they prey on their customers impulsive buying and addiction.

    Quality goes down the drain. It's more about how can we feed into the peoples desire to collect, to gain, to have advantage over other players. And exploit those weaknesses for maximum profit.

    You know, I bought Crash Bandicoot: It's About Time for $28 at EB games last week. That game gives so much more, 1000x more, than this game does as far as content and playability. This game offers so little and expects so much!

    I am so done with these ripoff games. RIP.

    *Edit* Sorry for the rant, kinda off topic. Just all this talk about the lack of communication had me thinking of what else was lacking, and I guess it runz deeper than I thought haha. 🤪

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