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A dreamy season idea

MadameGixxysticksMadameGixxysticks Posts: 10 Level 2

Heya! Me and my pal on Deviantart have this idea for a Crash Bandicoot: On the run! season.

So, does anybody know about the scrapped Crash Clash racing? Yes? No? Well, if you don't... Crash Tag Team racing was originally going to take place in Crash's head, the tracks being based around Crash's dreams and memories... And since Candy Crush has some dream levels, why the wump not? XD

During the season, maybe it'll be nighttime instead of day, to fit with the dream theme more... We both called this "Midsummer Night's Nightmare" after the Shakespeare play, you see? X3

Maybe the new miniboss is that green teddy bear from the scrapped Twinsanity level Gone a Bit Coco, and the boss of the season is Megamix, his attacks being a mix of... Well, Cortex, Tiny, Dingodile and N. Gin., of course.

And maybe some "demoted" bosses like Dark Spyro could come back as much weaker minibosses of themselves.

The Skins you ask? Obviously, there should be some PJ skins for the two bandicoots which I'd call "Lazy Day".. Along with that some dream like skins, like Crash being a living doll (I made that idea after the fact Fake Crash's apparently based on a bootleg Crash plush from Japan.), Coco with a sci-fi outfit.. So on.

It won't surprise me if Crash could TALK during this season. XD

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  • HarmonyBunny00HarmonyBunny00 Posts: 37 Level 2
  • Hey! Would you like to give us your opinion?

  • HarmonyBunny00HarmonyBunny00 Posts: 37 Level 2

    "It won't surprise me if Crash could TALK during this season."

    Well, I would certainly be surprised if it did happen. 😆

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