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Patch Notes - 1.90

QueenMia Posts: 12,981 Community Manager

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Hey Bandicoots 👋

We've released two updates in the past few days: 1.90.37 and 1.90.56 which are now available to all players now! (1.90.56 contains fixes to comply with the AADC requirements in the UK - Check here for more info).

What's in the new updates then? Are you ready to party, Bandicoots? Join Crash and Coco as they celebrate their 25th Anniversary!

- Battle new Seasonal Gangs and Bosses including Pinstripe Potoroo and Sharkbite

- Enjoy celebration-themed Battle Runs featuring throwbacks to Crash Bandicoot’s rich history

- New party-themed costumes

- New Missions to complete

- Fixes, optimisations and improvements, including:

. Rolling barrels get stuck in Sewer or Later collection run

. Nina Cortex's Nitro and TNT crates don't disappear after a full lap on the boss loop (Power Gem 34)

. Crashes on Huawei devices when connecting/reconnecting to server

That's it for now, Bandicoots. See you on the run!


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