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List of Bosses I want to appear in Crash on the Run

Elldog1993Elldog1993 Posts: 9 Level 2
edited August 2021 in Ideas

Ripper Roo (He is a boss the first appeared in Crash 1)

Komado Bro's (as one boss) (They first appeared as a boss in Crash Bandicoot 2 in 1997)

N Tropy (Małe) (He first appeared in Crash Bandicoot 3 way back in 1998)

Papu Papu (He he was the first ever Crash Bandicoot boss)

Willie Wumpa Cheek's (He is the main Villain from Crash Tag Team Racing)

The Viscount Devil (He is the main Villain from the party game Crash Boom Bang)

N Trance (He is confirmed because of datamine) (He is from the Crash Gameboy game N - Tranced)

The Evil Twins (These's guys are the main Villains of Crash Twinsanity)

Madame Amberly (She is a Boss in Crash Twinsanity)

Evil Crash (He is a bad guy from Crash Twinsanity)

Evil Coco (She is a cut character from Crash Twinsanity)

Rusty Walrus (He is a character from Crash Twinsanity)

Rilla Roo (He is a one of character from Crash Bash)

Cortex's Mum (She is seen in a portrait in Cortex's Castle in Crash 4)

Elli Mental (She is a cut character from a game that was never made called Crash Bandicoot World's)

Louise (She is a mini boss from Crash Bandicoot 4 it's About Time)

Cat Bat (She is a teased character for Wumpa League I believe)

Land Shark (He is a cut character from a Crash Racing game that was never made)

Goat King (He is a cut character from Crash Twinsanity)

Megamix (He is a bonus boss from the Gameboy game Crash the Huge Adventure)

Emperor Velo ( He is the final boss in Crash Nitro Kart)

Psycho-Mandrake (She is a Titan from the DS Verison of Crash Mind over Mutant)

Anybody agree with my choices?

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