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Underground Passages in Survival Run were a HUGE MISTAKE

hanautaBOBhanautaBOB Posts: 659 Level 3
edited September 3 in Discussions

So, I got the Update and checked out Survival Runs, to see if they are still Killing Players with BS beyond their Control.

And of course they do.

Underground passages are a pretty dumb addition, since the underground segments just have the same arrangement of Crates and Obstacles as the ground area.

The only difference is that once the underground segment is complete there is one or multiple Mushrooms to get back on the "Main Floor" (like in every other run), but the game doesn't account for copy pasting a part that has Mushrooms so you can walk on floating stones in the sky... This means, if an area like that is in your underground segment and you step onto a Mushroom that leaps you too high, you die.

"Just don't go underground" - Not possible, there are arrangements that force you into the underground.

"Just don't touch Mushrooms until the end of the segment" - well, if the bad luck strikes twice, it might copy a segment there you have to step on Mushrooms that would usually leap you high in the air, so that can be impossible too.

My suggestion: Instead of fiddling around with what segments can appear in Survival Run, just FIX the REAL ISSUES of Game.

It's already pretty crappy the game can just Crash if you run too long in SR or you get thrown into oblivion by the Janky Camera or just fall through the floor (this one also still applies to Collection Runs), but instead of adding elements that cause EVEN MORE ISSUES, it would have been great to get some ACTUAL FIXES instead.

It's not the Variety of Obstacles that's a Problem, but Unfair Deaths and Crashing/Freezing that steals Tickets.

Focus on fixing these issues instead of adding stuff that's pointless.


  • ImNotProImanoobImNotProImanoob Posts: 123 Level 2

    Agreed. I cant play that Survival Runs anymore longer. It immediately crash when u reach for too long routes. But now, i just running shorter routes when Aku Aku quests force me to go play Survival Runs or earn trophies

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  • DimenzioDimenzio Posts: 607 Crash On the Run Moderator

    The devs have always made very questionable decisions and priorities regarding survival runs. It's a shame that players are still unable to play this mode without any issues. I'll make sure to forward this post to our team πŸ˜„

  • Walter_WhiteWalter_White Posts: 104 Level 2

    Don't want to rub it in but my survival run bugs seem to have been fixed and I quite like the underground Turtle woods part and the long line of mushrooms with TNT floating in mid air. I had crashes on SR all last season and lost around 5-6K trophies . It cost my team 3rd place. I know it does make SR unplayable if they are crashing so I feel for you but they are fixable it seems. I don't know that game version you are on. Mine is 1.9.something?

  • GrogyanGrogyan Posts: 99 Level 2

    @Dimenzio the underground areas of Turtle Woods survival, have been for me a nice change.

    Though unlike the OP, my issues are with ignored massive bugs.

    Ie I can reliably produce the input lag bug.

    Not a device issue, Galaxy S21 Ultra Exynos 2100. Game runs at 60FPS.

    The bug is significantly amplified with the change in collection run speed increased from 2x to 4x

    And yes, the input lag bug is 100% repeatable

  • hanautaBOBhanautaBOB Posts: 659 Level 3

    It's not "rubbing it in", mire so as you beeing Lucky I guess...

    I mean, I mostly stay away from SR because nothing is more annoying to me than having a good run in SR just for it to Freeze or Kill mrme of with Camera Janking or the Vanishing Floor, although that one is still a Problem in CR as well... Not super common like it used to be, but it still hapoens.

    And that although I joined the Ranks of the "New" Version on 1.100.50 (the one after 1.90. Something).

    The Problem with the Underground Paths is similar to "early Bear It" with the "Killing Mushroom", like if you know about it, you can get around it (most of the time), but it mostly caused unfair Deaths because it wasn't programmed properly.

    I just want SR to be good again and not some mess there they fiddle around with the Layout instead of Fixing the REAL issues.

    If the Underground path was just a copy paste from the floor your running on to combat the Vanishing Floor killing you, I wouldn't be so annoyed by it... But it bringing new stuff you need to consider because the Devs didn't think it through, that's what annoys me.

    Why is it always us players that need to fibd ways to avoid issues that are caused by the Devs not making stuff just work properly?

    If I was a Test Player, that would be my job and I'd get paid for it.

    But as is its just an unnecessary hassle and someone got to Fire the Person/People who tell the Devs what they should Focus on.

    Clearly, whoever gets to decide what needs to be fixed first is incapable. Any random guy on the streets could make better decisions than them.

    I used to have good faith, but I ran all out.

    I'm glad not everyone is as pessimistic as me looking at the game... I just wish the Devs would make this game feel like a proper release and not like we're stuck in the Beta forever and always.

  • AmnicronAmnicron Posts: 133 Level 3

    Man. At this rate, it'll be 2022 by the time survival runs get fully fixed like they should. It's been 2 months and counting since they actually worked properly and it even costed me not completing a battle pass last season because of it.

    I just want them to work properly again. I don't want to keep grinding steps over and over and then there's the possibility that another faulty programming will make you lose those steps too. I have 50+ survival run tickets saved up and I'm not using a single one until they're properly fixed.

    I really want things to get better for this game, I really do. There's only so much any of us can do rather than wait until they finally consider this being fixed. I used to finish passes 3 weeks before the event ended, now I'm just hitting 20k at this point. Why cant things just be like the 1.50 update. That was the closest to perfection that we had and it was gone so soon.

  • hanautaBOBhanautaBOB Posts: 659 Level 3

    Yeah, 1.50 had a really good approach to SR.

    I'm not sure if they settled on something like 1.7 or 1.8 as max speed that this would be enough to avoid the crashes, but the prospect to get 700 - 800ish Trophies before crashing rather than 400ish should be telling enough that the 1.5 Survival Runs were working better.

    Wish devs would revert to that until they can avoid crashes completely.

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