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[ Urgent ] Not just cheating .. but Disrespecting every single player in the leaderboard ? 💥



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  • PauoloPauolo Posts: 534 Level 3
    edited September 2021

    How much proof does the developers need to delete that team and ban its players from any leaderboard?

  • hanautaBOBhanautaBOB Posts: 669 Level 3

    I don't know, but I wish they'd just set them 0 for this season

    Or just delete the team last second.

    Some might have been innocent, maybe, idk, but most seem to be fine with cheating so they're "Collateral Damage"...

    If you got proof they are willfully cheating, you need to punish them hard enough that nobody wants to try that ever again.

  • PauoloPauolo Posts: 534 Level 3

    And we lost to cheaters. Again.

    I don't even expect that any of the teams that got abused by the cheaters will be compensated for their loss, since we were never compensated the first time, at the end of Season 3.

    I want to salute the incompetence of the developers and the Community Manager (@QueenMia ) at handling this situation. Instead of banning the whole team, they let them do it again at a time the developers would not be able to react. I would have stronger words against you if there wasn't a filter on the forums, but I'm sure you can imagine them for me.

    King is definitely the worst company at handling Support and communication.

  • Andrew1009Andrew1009 Posts: 298 Level 3
    edited September 2021

    Thanks to @QueenMary19and @Dimenzio for handling this situation, but unfortunately, cheater win.

    I am disappointed to you, King.😡

    @QueenMia ,wrong tag.😅

  • RealEnesRealEnes Posts: 42 Level 2
    edited September 2021

    @Amnicron @Nikolaos_Prodromidis I can answer your question and tell you how it works. Cheaters (most probably) use a rooted Android device. There's a cheating tool that only runs on a rooted Android device. They use this tool to get unlimited steps or Wumpa fruits. They can get 999999999 steps if they want and exchange them for trophies. There is no limit! This is how they can get 1 million trophies within a couple of minutes. I will not go into any further detail to avoid that anybody here learns to cheat. Here's the thing: It IS possible to have an anti cheat system that prevents you from using this cheating tool but King never did anything to protect this game from that tool. Banning cheaters isn't helpful. Even if they get banned, they can easily create a new account and keep cheating. This is why King needs to add a protection against this cheating tool but sadly nothing changed since launch.

    (I know a lot about cheating in mobile games but please don't see me as a bad person. I never cheated in the leaderboards. I'm not one of those people who get 500K trophies in a couple of minutes!)

    I do not promote cheating. I am only describing how it works!

  • AmnicronAmnicron Posts: 146 Level 3

    Woah! Thank you so much for the explanation!

    And what you said about the protection against the cheating tool I 100% agree on. It's like they give cheaters a slap on the wrist and move on like nothing happened, knowing that they'll try it again especially last minute.

    Even if they don't do anything with that in particular, there's still other ways to counter cheaters. But they haven't done anything about it and probably won't either.

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