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Why would they even bother creating new content?

grampacrashgrampacrash Posts: 118 Level 2

As I become more and more disillusioned with this game, the repetitive nature of nothing really to strive for, unfixed bugs and no communication regarding when things will change, the negative side of me has this conclusion.

They're probably really is no point in them having a full team to create new levels or the areas on the map, they probably already have a good money stream coming in with what they've made so far. It's all about the ads.

You want your 10 crystals each day? You have to watch five ads. Unless you're a stupendous survival runner and can make it through to 1,000 with one life, there's another three or four ads. Having four or five double items seemed great at first but hey, you got to watch ads, and you're making weapons that you'll probably never have to use (save for the weekly boss) and mission computer.

Got to have all your skins? Well then you have to give them money or get more crystals, from crystal runs and daily goals. They're counting on the Bandicoot faithful to keep plugging mindlessly away with no apparent future in sight

I'm glad I never paid a penny towards this game but I'm really starting to think about deleting it so that they don't get my ad revenue either

Just my .02 on this Saturday morning. Take care and be well


  • ManiTheKingManiTheKing Posts: 64 Level 2
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  • AmnicronAmnicron Posts: 146 Level 3

    I can agree. I stopped playing this game so much. The only time I do is seasonal gangs and mission boards to help out my team along with daily crystals and that's about it.

    The game is no longer a brand new, fresh out the oven game anymore. It's almost a year since it came out and it still feels like we're playing a beta or alpha version of the game. And even those ran better than the full release.

    There's no new content and even when we do, it's just a new island and bosses that people will breeze by within a day or 2 and it'll be back to square one with waiting 5 months for another new island. Where's all the "Coming soon" stuff? Where's new game modes? Are we ever going to play as different characters? A game like this almost constantly needs fresh content in order to keep it relevant.

    But no, there's still a ridiculous amount of bugs and some even manage to return. Survival runs are nearly unplayable that it's more like you're gambling at a casino than playing a game that requires skill. Falling through the floor in collection runs and ads glitching out; causing to lose all your steps if you're unlucky. The vending machine is broken with the chance of getting 1 skin, duplicates of 1 skin, or none.

    The team system needs to be fixed or monitored better since cheaters can steal first place from a team last minute, no matter how hard that team does to warn devs to prevent cheaters from stealing their spot. This has been happening since season 1 and nothing since has been added to prevent this yet.

    I really want to find a reason to keep playing as frequently as I used to, I really do. But I can't until the devs start giving a crap about the game or communicating with us about how things are going rather than them just acting like everything's fine. Once the devs start caring about this game and it players, things will start to look up.

  • ImNotProImanoobImNotProImanoob Posts: 237 Level 3

    I agreed. The developers are not doing anything. They are putting the seasons, skins, the cost of the prizes and offers...They just cared about money, not the game. King developer finally fucked up a game in just early 2021.

  • AmnicronAmnicron Posts: 146 Level 3

    I don't even play this game much anymore aside from seasonal gangs and getting free daily stuff, but thats about it.

    There's nothing new or exciting to look forward to anymore. New Island and bosses will only be completed in a day or two. Where's new game content? That's what we should of gotten after 3 months.

    King is singlehandedly killing their own game by not keeping up with the players.

  • ImNotProImanoobImNotProImanoob Posts: 237 Level 3
    edited October 13

    They actually fix the new content after it spread to a lot of players. I just dont know why they make the new content and then a month later they fixed it. Just like how they fix the Item Spawn Glitch. It actually saves a lot of times for the players. They fixed it and letting me angry a lot. The developers really ruining the game by spreading the new content too early, no new island and bosses, nothing new added, just some ***** dumb seasons and some noob skins with noob skin bonuses...King really dont understand the players feeling when they got banned, boring or somehow trolled. They love banning, seeing players angry, and even trolling people instead of putting a thing. Also I saw a lot of people rage quitted.

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  • Erika0811Erika0811 Posts: 466 Level 3

    We need more islands ☺️ and the bugs fixed. 😅

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