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The speed for these new designed maps are rigged

ImNotProImanoob Posts: 464 Level 3
edited March 2022 in Discussions

So today we all players got the new designed maps such as Turtle Woods, Lost City, Temple Ruins, Dino Might and Sewer Or Later. I like the two new tools for these designed maps. But there's a problem. THE SPEED IN THESE NEW DESIGNED MAPS ARE TOO FAST. Why? Some people alrdy suffering in the speed in all these maps. Anyone yall also suffering these with these hard designed maps? Including in Turtle Woods or SOL?


  • ManiTheKing
    ManiTheKing Posts: 70 Level 2

    Old maps area better than new.🧛

  • DanielProGamer
    DanielProGamer Posts: 1,444 Level 4

    even though i try to play my best for me its very fast if i lose a lot on those maps just get used to those maps if its very fast to be honest @ImNotProImanoob

  • Amnicron
    Amnicron Posts: 159 Level 3

    Since I was pretty much forced to download the new update, I had a go with the new updated maps. I'll be completely honest, I have mixed feelings about it.

    I do love the fact that you no longer have to wait 1-6 hours for a level to refill, but I don't really like the fact it's more survival run based than collection run based. Especially as it quickly maxes out speed and there's waaay to much too focus on.

    Though I can get used to the speed, I don't like the fact that the items you get are randomized and you have to wait until you get the item you actually want. I enter into a level to get Pop Blossoms, but sometimes I leave with other things more than the item I came for.

    I liked the branching paths and it had potential to be expanded upon. Survival run levels should of just been for survival runs alone. For a new/casual player's perspective, it would be waay to overwhelming for them. They've improved on some areas, but messed up on others.

  • LDA1
    LDA1 Posts: 16 Level 2

    for me the running for survival is slow, because I am smarter than the others and I can simply load more cups than the others ;-)

  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 0 Level 3

    Can't be THAT smart if you just openly confess to being a cheater...🤣🤣🤣

    Also, if anything, you should be trying to ruin people's fun on an active game if that's what it's about, not a game that doesn't even have live PvP and currently only has trash tier prizes.

    At least skins were neat if you were a collector, but since King is so incompetent, not even the most dedicated (and MOST PAYING) players ever had a chance of getting all skins, so at that point any skin that doesn't come with the maximum possible Boosts is worthless and boy did they hand out trash tier skins as prizes if we talk about bonus stats...

  • DanielProGamer
    DanielProGamer Posts: 1,444 Level 4

    It all depends on the player's ability, it's not the same to play it for those of us who are casual players like me, so there are semi-competitive and completely competitive casual players, many of us play it for fun, it depends a lot on skill, for some it is easy and for others it is difficult

  • GasmoxianFella04
    GasmoxianFella04 Posts: 42 Level 2

    I get the idea of the new design and idea for the collection run currently, but the execution is terrible and for multiple reasons as well.

    Think about this situation, you are a new player, you heard about this game and you wanted to give it a go, so you do the tutorial and went past through the first few gangs in the game, you liked it and enjoyed how the game handles this as an automatic running game, a mobile game nonetheless. Now, you want to get some ingredients for some henchmen, no worries, you boot up the collection run annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd it goes downhill from here.

    So, what's the problem I'm trying to point here? This new design and idea is good for veteran players and old players of this game, but HORRIBLE for new players or those who reacts or swipes slower than the game's pace. Remember, this is tied to an IMPORTANT ASPECT OF THE GAME, COLLECTING INGREDIENTS TO PROGRESS THROUGH THE GAME. In addition to this, it's redundant, at most, an annoyance, because this doesn't help you to beat the game, instead this kind of tells the new people of the game that survival run is the main focus of this entire game. Not battle run (The actual main mode). And it's weird why they would tie it up to that, especially since battle runs never speeds up. So, what's the point of it? To prepare you for survival run? If you want to prepare yourself to play survival run, play the gamemode that was made for it... seriously how hard is it for them to know that?

    Another thing about it, this will turn away more players due to the extreme difficulty in trying to keep up the pace later. It can be super unpredictable to know what is going on after like a minute.

    Adding salt to the wound, you don't get as much ingredients as you do before. While yes, they are infinite and they can respawn, the thing is if you want to get more ingredients, you have to waste more time into it, you could have got like 40 glow barks in 10 minutes but now you have to wait even longer because it's randomized and you need to keep up the pace as well if you want to hit all of them... like what?

    TL:DR. Idea sounds good on paper. Execution wise? Horrible. It brings more negativity to the game instead of the positivity.

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