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What skins you need to buy? (Each element and ingredients)

Roan27Roan27 Posts: 482 Level 4

Have you wondered that collection runs are really tedious and the ingredients you collected are only a few? Seems I will help along with which skins you need.

For Nitro Ingredients

Glow Bark: Retro Crash (with secondary ingredient bonus: Brain Freeze) (400) or Biker Coco (200)

Nitric Fungus: Ika Ika Crash (400) or Biker Crash (200)

Pop Blossom: Kupuna-wa Coco (400)

Wiggle Weeds: Yaya Coco (400)or Moneybags Crash (200)

For Frosty Ingredients

Chill Berries: Disco Coco (For more protection) or Apocalyse Coco (Balanced but only have normal Aku Aku and has 40 percent to Nitro Henchmen)

Shell Shard: Glam Coco or Cyborg Crash (200)

Brain Freeze: Retro Crash (400)(Double Value), Penta Crash (400) (If you didn't buy Retro Crash), or Prehistoric Crash (200)

Snow Cabbage: Pasadena Coco(400), Vampire Coco/Golf Coco (200)

For Inferno Ingredients

Flame Orbs: Robot Coco (400), Prehistoric Coco/Ajax Crash (200)

Magma Chunks: Koala Crash/Retro Coco (Since they are the same) (400) or Viking Crash (200)

Red Eyes: Robot Crash (400), Cyborg Coco/Glam Crash/Werewolf Coco (200)

Stinky Shroom: Pinstripe Coco (400) or Berserker Coco (200)

For Oxide Ingredients:

Glowmatos: Ripper Roo Crash (400) or Tennis Crash (200)

Atom Stones: Ripto Coco (400) or Dolly Crash (200)

Wumpa Fruit: Wumpa Crash/Wumpa Coco (60)

For Elemental Henchmen Bonuses:

Sets that I created for each elemental bonus (Legendary)

Set 1: Retro Crash, Kupuna-wa Coco, Retro Coco, Ripper Crash (The Ultimate Set 1)

Set 2: Ika Ika Crash, Penta Crash, Yaya Coco, Ripto Coco (The Ultimate Set 2)

Set 3: Ika Ika Crash, Kupuna-wa Coco, Pinstripe Coco, Ripper Crash (Classic and Crash 4 set)

Set 4: Pasadena Coco, Penta Crash, Yaya Coco, Ripper Crash (CTR Set)

Epic Set (Early to Mid game)

Set 1: Prehistoric Coco, Prehistoric Crash, Werewolf Coco, Ajax Crash (Prehistoric and Translanvania set)

Set 2: Glam Coco, Viking Crash, Berserker Coco, Ajax Crash (Rocking Pirates set)

Set 3: Vampire Coco, Monster Coco, Werewolf Coco, Ajax Crash (Halloween Set)

Set 4: 25th Anniversary Biker Coco, Golf Coco, Ringmaster Crash, Tennis Crash (Sports and Circus Set)

It might depend on what skins do you buy but remember, think what ingredients do you need the most.

Remember, do gem runs to collect skins that helps in Collection runs and Battle runs.


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