Community Race 2.0 is here! Revving up the engines! (FINISHED)

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The first Community Race has run its course (no pun intended) and we're ready for a new one 🏎

Revving up engines a little bit more.. with level 150!

Top scorer will earn 30 Gold Bars along with a special Diamond Racer badge that's added to winner's profile!

Don't worry if you're not at the top position: I will also select 4 random racers and give them 20 Gold Bars each.

I've made few adjustments to the race so read carefully, please :

1) In order to submit your scores to this race, please add a screenshot of the level while the level is finishing. In this way we will see the score AND the level number.

I'm adding an example below

2) If you already have won this badge, we're happy to have you join the race but you will not receive any further badges related to this event. If the winner already has a badge, the runner up will receive the badge, and both will receive the 1st price Gold Bars.

3) It is up to you if you want to use bonus moves, extra moves or boosters in your gameplay. You're also allowed to post your score more than once if you improve your top score.

Race runs for 2 weeks ( until April 16th, 13:00 CET). 

Wondering how to take a screenshot? Here you have instructions:

If you're not clear on how to attach a picture to this thread, check out this link

As always find Contest Terms and Conditions here 

Good luck everyone! 

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