Special Game Team Q&A - Answers are in!

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Hello all jewelry crafting travelers :chuffed:

Previously you all had a great opportunity to ask our lovely Game Design Team some burning questions you might have.   

Now without further ado, here are the As to your Qs:

@Lucas_Yan_Maia asks:
"I have a very curious doubt :eh: Who are these 4 characters that appears in K.C?? they have the same traits that diamond diaries developers use."

Game Team answers: 
"You´re right! Their traits are similar because they belong to Diamond Diaries Saga universe, but they are not currently included in the game. Some of them might be introduced in future updates."

@COOL_D72 asks: 

“Would you ever consider reducing the time it takes to recharge lives. In some of your other games, its only 10 mins, but in Diamond Diaries, its 30?”

Game Team answers: 
"You´re right! The recharge time on the mobile version of the game is 15 minutes; while on Facebook is 30 minutes. After some consideration and taking into account the community feedback, we decided to reduce it. So, very soon, both versions will have the same recharge time." 

@Kimberly_Martin asks: 
“I'd like to know if you would consider adding a daily bonus as well as some special events because I have never scene 1 and Diamond Diaries and I've completed level 6 9 5. Thank you in advance!” 

Game Team answers:
"Daily bonus is not currently in our short-term, but we´re working in new and exciting features and levels. Stay tuned!"  

@Pjt1964 asks:
“Please can you make it that we can at least get some bars from our full pigs without having to buy to get them out?. It's not fair that we fill the pig and can't use the bars.”

Game Team answers:
"Thank you for your feedback! We´re definitely looking for ways to make the Piggy Bank more rewarding. We are testing a few things, as Lim mentioned previously.

We´ll keep working on it to find the best approach."  

@Kimkay asks:
“I LOVE the traveling bit in the game! I don't get to travel in real life that much but I can with Lucy haha. I have a question: how did you decide on which cities to put in, and are you planning on adding more? Can you tell us which cities are coming??? Thanks! “

Game Team answers: 
"The cities featured in the game were chosen based on the most popular traveling destinations, as well as the team´s favorite cities. We are definitely working on more cities. We would love to hear your suggestions!" 

@Pummy_Raj We didn't forget about you! As your question was more of a support kind, we'll be sending you a message so we can gather all required details in order to investigate. Stay tuned. Thanks :)

There you have it. I hope you enjoyed this part of the show :awesome

And as always: Keep it Sassy! 

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