** 💎 Diamond Diaries Expert Information 💎 ** (Part 7) - Pick one of the booster on ticket 🎫

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Hello again! Diamond Hunters! I am Diamond Diaries Expert Brilliant Linker! :)
Today I ask the tip is called " Pick one of the booster on ticket " 🎫
Diamond Diaries Saga is a treasure hunting adventure that takes you all around the world. You can even choose your next trip! But first things first... you’ll need a ticket if you want to travel. 🎫
On first episode, Lucy (a talented craftswoman) is still working the necklaces, Charlie (a bird) receive a letter to Lucy! Lucy read this letter and receive first ticket is Paris (No Booster Selected) by Bernadetta! Then finally they depart to Paris to start going ahead! :)
On second episode, you can only selected second ticket is New Work (Lives recharge twice as fast)! :)
From starting third episode to present episode, you’ll be given the choice between two exotic locations. You’ll find all sorts of trips on offer (Everyone choose different locations) / (All of the locations will be RANDOMLY to us) :)
You’ll also have a choice of two boosters. Pick one, and that booster will stay active for the entire episode. You’ll be invited to make a selection from any two of the following:
  • Two Birds at the start of every level     🐦🐦
  • One Blast at the start of every level     🌟
  • Lives recharge twice as fast                 ❤
  • Power up the Hammer (double the radius) 🔨 
My favorite boosters are Two Birds at the start of every level & One Blast at the start of every level because these boosters are very helpful for me to pass them easily! ;)
So what about you? Which booster do you want?
Have a SASSY day and happy playing! :D
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