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Let's celebrate World Compliment Day!

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Sunday, 1 March 2020 is World Compliment Day

It is a global initiative to create the "Most Positive Day in the World".

What makes World Compliment Day ‘better’ than events like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or Secretaries’ Day, is that there’s no commercial connotation – the only gifts you’re meant to give on this day are compliments, and they’re free.

World Compliment Day is billed as the most positive day in the world. It’s hard to argue, what with all those compliments being passed around. There is an art to it, though. A true compliment must be genuine, or the receiver will see through it. As importantly, the receiver must accept the compliment with a heartfelt “Thank you!”. It’s no good being self-effacing; you’ll wring all the positivity out of the situation, making for a dull Compliment Day. You can read more here.

According to William James, an American psychologist

“The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated.”

It is this basic human need for recognition and appreciation that is the principle motivation behind Compliment Day. All that is asked of you is to identify something positive about every person you interact with on this day and compliment them on it – simple as that. You can read the rest of the article here. 

History of World Compliment Day

This creative day was originated by Hans Poortvliet, a recognition professional in the Netherlands. He started the initiative in the Netherlands and with the success of it, wondered if making it worldwide instead of national if there be “The Most Positive Day in The World”. These are lofty goals, but Mr. Poortvliet feels that if every person took the time to sincerely offer a compliment to three people in their life that we would be that closer to the goal. You can read more here

How to celebrate World Compliment Day

Choose one or more community members and offer them a compliment. Please make sure that what you are saying is sincere and heartfelt. Just let someone know that they have done a good job at whatever. You can also offer them a deeper compliment by telling them what an impact he/she has made in your life.




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