Level 520 onwards

elfin_wolfelfin_wolf Posts: 1
It's impossible to pass any of these levels without boosters or spending coins on extra moves at the end; what gives? 


  • MightyWolf15MightyWolf15 Posts: 301 ✭✭✭✭
    Hi @elfin_wolf,

    Welcome to the best Community and thank you for playing Farm Heroes Champions!

    Thankfully, The game is not global yet and it's only released for a selectable countries and Farm Heroes team are working so hard to make the game even better and they are trying to fix the issues, bugs, glitchs and gameplay to make the game even smoothly and possibly they will make all levels easier for players before it will comes live!

    the update maybe should be be coming next few months but I will tag @MarkHawk and @QueenB if they have more information about that!

    Thanks for your feedback and have a great day! 💟

    Be stronger, braver yourself, and be king!

    ~ MightyWolf ~
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