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Welcome to the Farm Heroes Champions community newbies!  I would like to make you aware of some of things that we have going on here in this community.  

In the ‘Share your comments and questions here’ there are two areas (Discussions and Support).   Let’s start with the Discussions area. 

In the Discussions area please take a few minutes to read the Welcome to the Champions Community message.  You can read the house rules, how to earn stars and badges, how to edit your profile and much more.  Please introduce yourself in the say hello and introduce yourself message.  Connect with other Farm Heroes Champions players.

Curious minds want to know!   You've undoubtedly seen people on the train or at a coffee shop or at work swiping at brightly colored Cropsies on their mobile devices.  Yes, they are playing Farm Heroes Champions!

We would like to know how you first learned about the game.  Please add your story here.  As you share your story, other players are sharing theirs too so you can get to meet other avid players.

The Support area is where you will post your issues or contribute to any current discussions.  For example, if you are having difficulty with a level or you think that you might have found a glitch, you can check it out in this area.  Our Superstars are here to help you with your issues and if we don't have the answers we can also search or tag @QueenB, the community moderator. Our Superstars are volunteers who love the community and enjoy helping players with their game issues.  You can recognize them by the stars in their profile pictures.

In the Support area you will also find the FAQ section.

The FAQ section explains a gamesaver tip, a level tip and information on your game purchases.


The ‘more goodies’ is broken down into two areas (Superstar Corner and Community Corner).

The Superstar Corner area  is mostly just for the Superstars but you do have access to the Superstar Information.


In the Superstar Information area is where you can find out how to become a Superstar and you can also ask them anything about the program.

So welcome one and all!  Here we can express frustration, ideas, happy moments when you've cleared that very hard level and much more.  If you are not aware of tagging, I will show you how it's done.  If you are in a message or even starting a new message and you want to tag a Superstar or a manager all that you need to do is to start with the "@" sign and start typing the name.  A box should pop up where you can click on the name, or you can just type it out.


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    I Love this @Elsa 😍

    Can't wait to be working with all of you 🤗

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