Everything you need to know about Companions and Farm Club.

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The Companions are recruited by Amelia and the gang to help you in defeating Rancid's evil schemes. 

There are 3 available Companions to be won in each episode which rewards Companions, with the last Companions being awarded on level 1110.

You can tell when a level is a 'Companion Reward' level, by checking the game map.  Levels with a green button marker on the game map, showing a friendly cow's face - are levels in which you'll play to win new Companions.

The Companion that you are awarded depends upon how many stars you achieve when completing the assigned Farm Club Level. Always aim for reaching 3 stars to win the most powerful Companion.  You must also be connected to the internet in order for the Companion to be successfully awarded to your Farm Club account. You can view your Farm Club Companions at any time by tapping the Barn icon at the bottom of the map screen.

Every Companion has a special ability which will help you to beat the level and using a Companion is really straightforward. At the beginning of a level simply choose the one you want to activate from the 3 available Companions and pay with your Magic Beans.

After being activated it acts as a continuous booster, and gives you a great advantage on those tricky levels. Think twice before choosing which one to use to ensure you make the perfect choice!

If you don't want to use a Companion during a level, then simply un-tick the Companion box before starting and no Companion will be activated.

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