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Are you experiencing issues with the game? Look no further as these are the most common issues and most frequently asked questions!

Let's start with a useful tip: How to find your User ID

Have you lost something?

Something went wrong with your purchase?  
You lost your levels?  

I changed/switched to a new device and lost my boosters and lives

Your event or challenge is missing?
No more levels? 
Lost your boosters? 

Hot topics:

Wy do I see ??? on the companions? End of the Companions at level 1110!

The game not working on mobile

Game freezing or crashing 
Cannot connect the game to Facebook 

The game not working on PC

Game freezing, crashing or not loading
Game returned to the old Flash version? 

If after these you still need help, please Ask a question under Support. Remember to add as many details as possible on the problem and a screenshot is always helpful!

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