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Extra plays

Morrow1Morrow1 Posts: 8 Level 2

At the end of a game, if you still have 2 or more moves left, you should have the option of saving them for a different level or using them on your current level.

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Due to the lack of votes, we're closing this idea! Thanks for posting and please keep sharing more ideas that could help resolve an issue that you find that might be annoying or could be improved.


  • Morrow1Morrow1 Posts: 8 Level 2

    I can't figure out why the purple cropsie on the home page always has a number on it. I click on it, but it's always just telling me the quests and what episodes there are. The number seems to change all the time. Does anyone know what the number means?

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  • SpinnifixSpinnifix Posts: 18,584 Ambassador

    Hello and welcome to our friendly community

    That with the movements for the level is mandatory. I don't know if it's possible. Do you have a picture of it? Then it could be explained to you better. thanks

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  • encantesencantes Posts: 2,265 Farm Moderator
    edited December 2020

    Hi @Morrow1 and Welcome in this Community 🍓 🍎 🍏

    I think that you are asking about the new map, on the bottom of left side there are counted your events and if you have completed a quest you can collect the rewards.

    Please check here there is a thread about the new map and you can write your feedback:


    I hope this clarify your question, if you need more information please reply in the comment box below

    I wish you Merry Christmas 🎁🎁🎄🎄🎅🎅

    many thanks @Spinnifix for tag

  • MountainMomMountainMom Posts: 1,709 Level 5

    Hello @Morrow1 and Welcome to our farmtastic community!

    Your first post (new idea) indicates you would like to have the option to save unused moves. Unused moves are not helpful on levels with Rancid -- once you defeat Rancid, the level is over and your score for that level is increased (and maybe the number of stars you earned) based on how many moves you had left after you defeated Rancid. On all other levels, you get the chance to use your "leftover" moves even after you have won the level, thereby giving you the chance to increase your score and earn more stars, if available. Unfortunately, you cannot save unused moves from one level to use in another level. There are no plans to change this feature.

    Your second post asked the meaning of the number on the onion cropsie at the bottom of the screen. As my friend @enncaencantes indicated, the home screen for Farm Heroes Saga was recently redesigned. The banner at the bottom of the screen includes three icons. The onion in front of the notepad is the icon for quests and events. The number indicates how many need attention. For example, the number could indicate you completed a quest and can collect a reward, or it may notify you of a new event. It is worth checking out whenever you see a number on that icon.

    I hope this helps.

  • QueenBQueenB Posts: 7,439 Community Manager

    Due to the lack of votes, we're closing this idea!

    Thanks for posting and please keep sharing more ideas that could help resolve an issue that you find that might be annoying or could be better to help improve your gaming experience 😉

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