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  • Bassin12Bassin12 Posts: 84 Level 2

    @Lady_Choo thanks for another fun contest. These are my favorite kind, they make you think. @encantes, thanks for the tag 😊

    These answers pertain to the bottom picture. This is what I found to be different from the top picture.

    1 - Sun is under cloud

    2 - 2nd door added to barn slide

    3 - Dot on slide is green

    4 - Strap on straw bail is green

    5 - Extra straw bail on the right side

    6 - Extra dark pink flower on left side

    7 - Hunters nose is a blue with a shiny star

    8 - Cloud is thicker above the sun

    9 - Extra small cloud puff

    10 - Tire swing legs are now gray

    11 - No connecter bolts on tire swing legs

    12 - Extra fence post

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  • Doris_KochDoris_Koch Posts: 152 Level 2
    edited May 8

    Hello @Lady_Choo here is my answer for the differences in the 2nd picture

    @encantes thanks for tagging me

    1.a 2nd field at the house of the slide

    2.The screw on the frame of the slide is green

    3.a sun is there

    4.an additional small cloud

    5.an additional fence post next to the swing set

    6.The uprights of the swing are grey

    7.The band from the left straw bale is green

    8.Hunter's nose glows blue

    9.a 2nd bale of straw in the picture below right

    10.additional pink flower in front of the house of the slide

    11.The 2 screws on the swing frame are missing

  • me6412me6412 Posts: 6,346 Level 4
    edited May 8

    @Lady_Choo @encantes You know I love Farm Hero Saga, I believe that I got them right so below they go

    1) The nose on Hunter is Bright Blue, 2) The swing strap is different colors 3) The Hay stack strap is different 4) The Hay loft has one extra door hung 5) the Hay slide has different color bolts 6) there is one more fence post along the road 7) the sun is out in one pic, not in the other 8) the Cloud in the middle has a wider trail 9) the cloud also has a small cloud tip at the top and the other picture doesn't 10) purple flowers missing 11) one extra hay bail in one picture and not in the other...so I believe that's 11 my dear friends Happy Farming

  • Nat09Nat09 Posts: 10,432 Ambassador
    edited May 8

    Hi @Lady_Choo it's been grey and raining here in Canada as well 😂 It's ok, you stay in and play more farm heroes 😁here's my answer.

    1- Missing hay on the right

    2- Swing wrong colour

    3- Hunter's nose

    4- Missing post on fence

    5- Sun

    6- Missing a pink flower

    7- Band on the hay is green

    8- Dot on the slide is the wrong colour

    9- Missing door

    10- Missing cloud

    11- The cloud beside the tree has 2 strip

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  • christine88christine88 Posts: 676 Level 4

    1) hunter's nose changed color

    2) swing rope changed color

    3) hay stack rope changed color

    4) the barn has an extra door

    5) different color bolts

    6) extra fence post along the road

    7) the sun is shining in one picture

    8) wider cloud

    9) small cloud tip in one picture

    10) purple flower is missing

    11) extra hay bale in one picture

  • Lady_ChooLady_Choo Posts: 14,550 Farm Moderator

    There are some very observant people here!

    I am going to have to up my game next time haha. I thought some were sneaky, but clearly not 🤣

    🐥Life's not about counting chickens. Unless they all escape their coop of course! 🐤
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  • Lady_ChooLady_Choo Posts: 14,550 Farm Moderator

    @Racoon7 if you ever need help with levels tips or videos, give us a shout in a new thread and we will do our best to help you. Its my favourite game, so you are in good company 😎

    🐥Life's not about counting chickens. Unless they all escape their coop of course! 🐤
    🥇Guess the score and win gold! 🥇
    🥇🥇🌞Community Summer contest🌞🥇🥇

    Farm heroes addict collecting cropsies since 2013. 

  • Racoon7Racoon7 Posts: 2,265 Level 3

    Thank you so much Lady_Choo, still finding my way! lol! l have found so much I never knew about since starting a few months a go. Ex mega Moshi Monster player when that was running, vowed not to get addicted to another game again, yet I found this, and I love animals and plants/gardening and collecting! Been spending a lot of money on the game, so again thank you for the offer of any tips and useful advice. Always learning, and this is such a lovely friendly community, and much appreciation for welcoming me into the fold xxxxx

  • CuteyrCuteyr Posts: 15 Level 2

    1. The strap around the left square hay bale is a different color

    2 There are 3 hay bales on the right side instead of 1

    3 The circle at the top of the slide is a different color

    4 The barn covering the slide has 2 side panels instead of 1

    5 There are 3 vertical fence posts between the slide and swing instead of 2

    6 The sun is shown on the bottom picture

    7 The large cloud in the center has a bigger trail pointing toward the right

    8 The large cloud in the center has 2 small round clouds above it instead of 1

    9 In the bottom left corner, there are 2 purple flowers bottom pic nstead of 1 in top pic

    10 The swing has red posts at top Pic and grey posts bottom pic

    11 Hunter’s nose is green in top Pic and blue in bottom pic

  • CassDCassD Posts: 1,990 Level 4
    edited May 10

    Thank you @Lady_Choo for another excellent contest to test our powers of observation.

    Thank you @encantes for tagging me.

    1) Two small clouds instead of one.

    2) Sun is missing.

    3) Two panels on side of slide support instead of one.

    4) Circle in slide support has changed colour.

    5) Two purple flowers instead of one.

    6) Band on bale of hay on left has changed colour.

    7) Hunter's nose has changed.

    8) Cloud trail above swing is thicker.

    9) Three posts on fence instead of two.

    10) Swing supports have changed colour.

    11) Two bales of hay on right instead of one.

  • Lady_SarinaLady_Sarina Posts: 2,428 Jelly Moderator

    Hi @Lady_Choo

    Cool contest Chickie! Gotta love that! 💛

    Great to see so many giving it a go :0)

    🌻 Be Considerate 👋 Be Friendly 😂 Have sense of Humour 😎 Show Patience 🎈 Have Fun 🎪 🌼 Jelly (RC)🍭

  • Lady_ChooLady_Choo Posts: 14,550 Farm Moderator

    Thank you for your support @Lady_Sarina 😘

    We have some clever eyes I think!

    🐥Life's not about counting chickens. Unless they all escape their coop of course! 🐤
    🥇Guess the score and win gold! 🥇
    🥇🥇🌞Community Summer contest🌞🥇🥇

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  • me6412me6412 Posts: 6,346 Level 4

    Always keep your game updated, because you don't want to miss any new features or in game rewards that are given by the Design Team, hope this helps you out my Community friend and member and Happy Farming.

  • Racoon7Racoon7 Posts: 2,265 Level 3

    Thank you, I don't know whether I have been tagged, or what it means. I just know I have spent sheds loads of money over the last few months, as I have been doing my accounts today, my husband would go nuts if he knows! Obviously I LOVE the game, BUT it is unrealistic given how much I have spent to achieve goals, and moreover for achieving bonuses & challenges, and especially for doing most of the ground work to get my NEW team bonuses.

    Poor reward system and players need to be more encouraged, not put off.

    We really need more rewards, ESPECIALLY IF WE ARE PAYING FOR THEM.

    We all like a freebie, that mostly nowadays comes at a price. I am relatively new, what about those near level 4000.

    Been here before on a lot older game, now deceased game. I can see why you are Phoenix and lucrative.

    Quite frankly my heart has sunk. I have to say brilliant customer services 100%, but the game/money/lives etc.; unless you are playing on a bonus round (Bonnie) then forget it! I really hadn't realised how much this has cost me :~(

    Sorry lovely peeps, but over and out xxxxxxxx

  • carmenechevarriacarmenechevarria Posts: 739 Level 3


    1. Extra X on slide

    2. Side of slide is green

    3. Thick clouds

    4. One extra cloud

    5. Sun

    6. Extra fence post

    7. Green strap on hay

    8. Blue nose (dog)

    9. Extra bail of hay

    10. Swing grey post

    11. Extra purple flower

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