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🐃 Woolly Wonders

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Look at Choo Choo and the Black Sheep getting along and knitting socks for everyone. Let's see how many socks you can knit this week!

Want to help them out?

How to Play!

Pass levels and collect socks and get rewards while playing:

⏳ Duration!

You have until the 2nd of July to complete the event!

But wait, there is more 😉

Post a screenshot of the event being completed and earn this lovely badge:

Note! I don't have the event!

Find more info HERE!

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🐃 Woolly Wonders 50 votes

Amazing, I'm enjoying it
Lady_ChooMaja_NikolicEva_TolarováDada13Princess_JessicaTasty_Cakekadirberatbilcen 7 votes
I find it fun but challenging at the same time
EnergizerBunnyBQN537MiladyRLa LeyMountainMomteeweipingSuperVickinorgranted169LunaHeroSabbyStudio 11 votes
These events comes in handy when Farm Pass is also live
The rewards are great
Marcemarce22maf34100YaSSeR119841107 4 votes
All of the above
PummyRajWerner_CichySabrinaMPauline_AshcroftencantesgalaxyangelDieOmimiMelbennettyonahselcyrebelchildCassDcatpeerceMoh1977bramamTerri_1LeFlarcaneFarmerBNico_GsaramooScapho1d 21 votes
I don't have the event but would love to play
bearwithmekeshavrfRowena63Jose65_6Amoonmoonwbatgirlweugen888 7 votes


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