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Vote for your fav storyline!

QueenB Posts: 14,186 Community Manager
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Howdy, Farmers!

Today we have a mission for y'all: tell the Farm Heroes Saga team which storyline you find more fun- the winner could make it to an event in the game!

Please pick the option that sounds most fun to you!

Vote for your fav storyline! 40 votes

Cross a pond to reach Hunter and earn a reward
Eva_TolarováSabrinaMDoris_KochbearwithmeBQN537piaanderssonBiscuitTheDog1008weedramurskarecnikDieOmimiMollySnamal_butt_01CassDMrsD73Rowena63bramamJose65_6maqu3nnFarmerBndd_2023 21 votes
Stop Rancid's mischief and keep the farm safe to earn a reward
Lady_ChooMaja_NikolicDiamond_LimSpinnifixwapangelDada13MiladyRLa LeyLoveDachsrebelchildPrincess_JessicaTasty_CakeLonePRacoon7Magic_MixerLeFlarcaneNico_Gsaramooteeweiping 19 votes


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