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(ENDED) 🏆Beat Blockers🥅Collect Cropsies🍏Win Levels -- Earn Goodies🏆

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Hello lovely Farmers🤗

Time for a new contest in our Farm!

Just like the title said, you will have to ➡️ Beat the Blockers; Collect some yummy Cropsies & Win your levels 🏆️

That's it!! Not hard, isn't it?

Now to the Details & Rules📌

  • Play 3 levels of your choice and win them - number of stars does not matter🌟
  • Each level can be played only once & separate entries for each level;
  • Each level must contain at least 2 blockers -- Eggs, Flowers, Ice blocks, Bulls, Grassweed, Sheep, Spiders, Firecrackers, Oysters, Fireflies, etc.,🕸️🌺
  • The blockers should not be repeated & if a level has 3 blockers, make sure 2 of those are new and you have not played them already🥅
  • While picking your levels, make sure that the "Cropsie Goals" are different🌞
  • Cropsies cannot be repeated -- Example: Apples & Water; Carrots & Sun; Water & Onions, etc.,🍏
  • You are allowed to play from level 101 and above🍄
  • Each entry must contain 3 screenshots --> (1) as soon as you open the level; (2) after at least one goal of the level is finished (3) The score board with stars & other details🐣
  • NO side-by-side screenshots please🌾

  • A Tip --> Stay with the levels below # 2000💡
  • NOTE: Mother Hen & Chicken Eggs are considered as same blocker; Same with Spider & Web; Bull & Poppie Flower🌸


5 players will be picked randomly to win 30 Gold Bars each🎁

Depending on the participation, there might be a surprise reward🏆️

Duration - 2 weeks⏳️

You have till 12:00 pm (USA EST) of 23rd October, 2023;

Other timings: 18:00pm CEST (Spain) & 17:00pm BST (UK)

Terms and Conditions here.



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