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🏚️🌾🚜 Barn Buddies - A new animal has appeared on the farm!

QueenB Posts: 13,905 Community Manager

Meet Bella, the newest adorable farm animal on the block!

Bella needs your tender care to shine in the upcoming farm beauty pageant. Your task? Ensure Bella stays well-fed, squeaky clean, and as content as a cow until the week's end!

Gather Cropsies from various levels to keep Bella happily fed. Don't forget to check in regularly throughout the day to pamper her!

The more you nurture your animal companion, the greater the farmtastic rewards you'll earn as you both prepare for the beauty pageant showdown with friends!

Note! This feature is currently being tested so everyone has it yet.

Here's how to play:

In Barn Buddies, you are responsible for looking after your own farm animal over the duration of the event (7 Days). 

To do this, you are required to feed it when it is hungry, clean it when it is dirty and play with it when it is bored. 

On the final day of the event, you are graded on their level of care during a Beauty Pageant, where your animal is awarded a ribbon and you receive a big reward.

In future iterations, you will be able to compete against other players and their friends in the Beauty Pageant.

🎙 We'd love to hear what you think! Your feedback is invaluable in shaping Bella's journey and making Barn Buddies even more enjoyable for everyone.



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