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Adobe Flash

ccherronccherron Posts: 3 Newbie

I have just receive the message about Adobe Flash - unfortunately when I follow the information provided I do not get the "puzzle piece" for the pop up.... Is there anything else I can do to continue playing?


  • encantesencantes Posts: 2,504 Farm Moderator

    Hi @ccherron snd a warm Welcome in this Community πŸ“ 🍎 🍏 πŸ“ 🍎 🍏

    I'm sorry that you hsve an issue with your game, regarding Adobe Flash, may you please check this article and video if you can solve your problem?

    Adobe Flash

    I hope this solve your problem, if you need more support don't hesitate to write we are all here to help you


    Have a super day 🌞 🌺⚘

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  • Lady_ChooLady_Choo Posts: 14,975 Farm Moderator

    Flash support actually ended in 2020. I am not sure if that article is fitting now @encantes .

    The game runs on html, but you would need to make sure your browser is updated @ccherron

    How are you playing, through Facebook or on the King site?

  • Lady_ChooLady_Choo Posts: 14,975 Farm Moderator

    Yes see that has definitely changed over. Which browser are you using? Have you checked for updates? Could you let me know which browser and the browser version please. (You can find that in the about section in the browsers settings)

    Have a look at this link too.

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