roadblock continuously says 3 days-23 hours-59 minutes

Jodi_CheverJodi_Chever Posts: 1
roadblock has been saying i have four days before clearing for a week now.  how do i continue?  i've tried on both firefox and chrome.  i'm on a 64-bit pc.  (farm heroes saga)


  • QueenBQueenB Posts: 1,792 Community Moderator
    Did you also tried clearing the cache of the browser as well? 

    If yes and this still hasn't helped, try removing the game and install it back again. First of all don’t worry as this process will not delete your progress. As soon as you reinstall the game you will be back on the same level as before.

    In order to delete the game from Facebook please follow these steps: 

    Go to “Settings => Apps” and press the “x” next to the game app.

    Now clear the cache for your computer:'s-Cache.

    You can now restart your PC and add the game back to your Facebook account.

    Hope this helps :) 

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