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I wan some new rewards about 6 months ago, and I still can't collect them. They don't appear like the others (animals) but in form of a question mark (?) 
And each time I open Farm Heroes Saga, I see on my screen at the bottom on the left that I have 3 rewrards waiting for me. But as I said, I can't collect them, although I wan all the levels needed... For instance I have won the black wolf at Level 1095, then the hippocampus at Level 1110 and then i have a question mark. And this problem concerns the last 3 lines of my "Farm Club" Rewards.
If anayone has an idea/solution, I would be very thankful!


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    It's great to see you've been enjoying Farm Heroes Saga and doing so well passing so many levels!

    Now you're an expert player, the Companions are taking a rest and you won't be needing them in your continued journey forward.

    You might see a red icon appearing on the Farm Club button now, but you won't be able to clear it as you won't be able to claim the final three Companions shown with a '?' in the reward list.

    Instead, the levels have been adjusted, so you won't need them at all. Just your ongoing skillful gameplay will be plenty to keep you powering up through the map. This also means you'll be able to save more of those valuable Magic Beans toward some helpful Shovel Boosters!

    Have a Farmtastic day!

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  • CeriseMoonCeriseMoon Posts: 2
    Thank you very much, I got it! No more companions...
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