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Why are all King.com games rigged????



  • stan1981stan1981 Posts: 1,346 Legend

    U can still definitely play the game without buying anything ...

    it just depend on how u look at it... play it leisurely and u will enjoy without spending money ... no need to be competitive ...

  • kingkat28kingkat28 Posts: 19 Level 2

    no kidding that wasn't the point, games are deliberately made impossible to pass without buying I know been playing this game for ten years, when asked to look at a paticular game having problems passing they upped the amount of crops, its worse if that is not deliberate of course it is. Now I am talking about being up to nearly 3,000 games I have passed I used to buy but haven't for awhile. So I am not going back to the beginning or previous games so I can play for free, the only way to pass this game is to buy gold and I would rather win the game fairly but its impossible to pass there is no way you can even with 6 extra moves.

  • kingkat28kingkat28 Posts: 19 Level 2

    what do you mean patience been playing this game for months, been playing farmhouse for 10yrs, I know the games very well and have got to nearly 3000 games so I do know how to play, the point is which no one seems to get is that this paticular game is impossible to pass without buying gold, even with more moves, you can't get below 150 points from 275 which used to be 215 until they had the hide to up the drops to collect, the bombs do not hit full buckets, its rigged, and I don't like to buy gold to pass would like to pass on merit, but its impossible to pass this game patience I have or I wouldn't have been playing this long until I realised after the upped the drops to collect it was deliberately rigged by some smart spiteful person thats employed well I wont be helping pay him any money.

  • stan1981stan1981 Posts: 1,346 Legend

    Do take note that this game still reward u with gold bars thru special event and special contests at here.

    some games, u can’t get their gold bars or diamonds no matter what unless u paid - then it is so call what u believe is “impossible” game

    I have play clash of clan and Golf blitz before.

    and I able to be top in my local leaderboard without paying anything, do take note that I even top in global leaderboard for clash of clan. From Singapore btw.

    is just a perspective of how u play the game ...

    and seriously up to now, I never pay for this game and I m progressing up maybe slow, but at comfortable 1800+ level.

    overall: is just a game: u r the 1 to decide the best for urself not letting the game to rule u! Human over-rule robot ...

  • Chicken_SlayerChicken_Slayer Posts: 11,583 Superstar

    I do understand what you are saying.

    I have been playing this since it started.

    I don't buy gold. I don't use companions where I really don't need to.

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    Farm heroes addict slaying chickens since 2013. Wife, mother, youtuber, blogger, co-running a group with Mr slayer, endlessly trying to defeat Rancid while raising younger versions of their dad and I. We have no chance!

  • RancidRancid Posts: 831 Superstar

    Hi @kingkat28

    I have never spent a cent on this game. I think the following screenshot should show you what can be achieved.

    Six months ago I couldn't spell Superstar. Now I is one!

  • EuakiEuaki Posts: 6 Level 2

    There is always other ways to win more lives, etc except spending money...

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