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  • suzeq02suzeq02 Posts: 36 Level 2

    I have started it so we shall see.

  • Hey! Would you like to give us your opinion?

  • bearwithmebearwithme Posts: 11,077 Candy Moderator
    edited July 2020

    Well @QueenMia - what a wonderful surprise - I did indeed get the event - wow help collect 8.8 billion cropsies??? That's a lot of crops. I'll do my best. Of course I won't ge Bonnie until after the event is over - so we will see how well I do. 😊🐨💕

    "Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart." - Winnie the Pooh

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  • joiceeannejoiceeanne Posts: 16 Level 2

    I have the game, which I'm very happy to have, but I'm disappointed that I can't monitor my progress. What if I miss it by just a few cropsies?? Please include a progress count. Thanks!

  • piaanderssonpiaandersson Posts: 694 Level 4
    edited July 2020

    @QueenMia One feedback you can get directly. It the same as the other special challenges you give. Get the popup right. The popup that @encantes show. I haven´t got that. But I have got two others but they said little different. That I should collect 3 000 crops and then get nice rewards. And that I have 3 days. Until july 24. End 6 in the morning. So here it end on friday morning. Like encantes.

    That makes me wonder, when does it start for me. Midnight EDT is 6 in the morning here. So have it started for me now or does it start 6 in the morning thats 4 hour away. So to be sure I have to play it again some time tomorrow.

    They have to get the popup correct. And to get info. Is it ok to play old levels. Well I have played old levels because it not possible for me to collect 3000 crops in new levels. I´m on higher level and they are hard to do. And not just for me, the one that are on the lastest level don´t have enough levels to play new ones.

    I put in picture that show the two I got.


  • piaanderssonpiaandersson Posts: 694 Level 4

    @kingtrixi If you have got the popups. Either that encantes show or that I show you have to play normal levels to collect crops. So it is not shown in some place in the game.

    @Tina2290 You don´t see the progress anywhere. If you want to know how many crops you have collected you have to take notes of your own.

  • piaanderssonpiaandersson Posts: 694 Level 4

    @joiceeanne I agree whit you. It should show somewhere how many crops you have collected.

  • MelbennettMelbennett Posts: 369 Level 3

    I haven’t seen anything yet

  • MountainMomMountainMom Posts: 1,474 Level 5

    I haven't seen the new event.

  • MelbennettMelbennett Posts: 369 Level 3
  • Tina2290Tina2290 Posts: 24 Level 2

    @piaandersson thank you! I prefer to wait the end of challenge than take notes on my own 😅😅

  • QueenMiaQueenMia Posts: 12,743 Community Manager
    edited July 2020

    Hi everyone 🤗

    @piaandersson - As usual, this is extremely valuable feedback and we'll make sure that the Team hears it! The event should end for everyone at 23:59 EDT Thursday 23rd July, which is about 6 am CET. But we'll double check that and get back to you should that not be the case.

    As for the cropsies collection, there are indeed 2 types: Some players get to play with other players and the whole group is requested to collect a total of 8.8 Billion and some are playing on their own are need 3000 cropsies to reach the target. This is done as we are trying to see what kind of collection you guys prefer. Do you prefer to be on your own or would you want to be in a team? Regardless of the task, the event will last 3 days.

    We agree with you that not having a counter is not ideal and we'll keep that in mind for the next events - As well as adding clearer info to the pop ups.

    Finally, please note that only Cropsies specified to clear a level count towards the total, other matches won't count! Will confirm to you asap if that works with previous levels too.

    @PummyRaj - The goal of the event is to collect as many cropsies as possible over the next 3 days. You can see the details of the tasks from what I wrote @piaandersson above 😉

    @kingtrixi - You get to be part of the event if you see the pop up in your game. For now, it won't be available to all players, so it might be that you don't get to play it this time. But there are plenty of other events going on at the moment, so there's plenty to do!

    Thanks again for the feedback - It really helps us! Keep them coming 🙏

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  • encantesencantes Posts: 1,896 Farm Moderator
    edited July 2020

    @piaandersson tks for your helpful feedback! This morning I received another popup little be different from the previous that I've posted yestarday but is not mentioned about 3000 crospies like you.😉

    @QueenMia tks for your clarification. I let you know how is working. 23.59 Edt is the local time in Usa, the equivalent in most of European Country is 05.59 Cest.

    Enjoy your day🌞🌞


  • MelbennettMelbennett Posts: 369 Level 3

    Ok here it is Wednesday 22nd and still no game????

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