1257 bug?

Marina-9Marina-9 Posts: 5
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le niveau 1257 sur téléphone ou tablette est impossible, il faut 4 noisettes et si 3 apparaissent au milieu, l'autre est coincée en haut à droite ou à gauche et il est techniquement impossible de la décaler


  • JustPlayingJustPlaying Posts: 2,006 Superstar
    Hi @Marina-9 Welcome to the Community

    In order for everyone to be understood and understand others, the Community language is English only (as per our House Rules).

    I am sorry you are having an issue with Level 1257. Unfortunately I am not high enough to test and am not sure what the issue is.  I will try to find out from someone who can see.  Could you post a screenshot?

    Thanks in advance
  • Marina-9Marina-9 Posts: 5
    sorry, I'll try to explain in English .
    I think there is a mistake at the 1257 on the phone, the nut is stuck in the upper right and it is technically not possible to shift
    There is no wind .thank you very much 

  • darknoxx06darknoxx06 Posts: 2
    Hello.I have the same problem in this level.It is not possible to continue.please correct that. thanks
  • Marina-9Marina-9 Posts: 5
    darknoxx is it ok for you? for me the problem is still here :(
  • darknoxx06darknoxx06 Posts: 2
    Yes. The problem is finally solved for me. The acorns are down the level now. Thanks
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