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Milestone of 3000 levels RELEASED in FHSS game🍅🍌🦔

FluzzardFluzzard Posts: 12,593 Farm Super Saga Moderator
edited March 27 in Community

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Hi Farmers.

It is unbelieveable that our favorite game,FHSS,has up to 3010 levels now.😯

To celebrate with us,all you need to do is telling us your progress in this game.You can also put your screenshot if you want.

For examples,I'm at level 3000 now.Here is the screenshot.⤵️

The name list of all the gms неге.

The list of the guides about FHSS games неге,prevent the glitch of goats неге

Subscribe the tagging list of FHSS неге.

If you stuck in a level,don't be shy тo ask for нelp нere.

Stuck on level 160?Hope this video(on YouTube) can help.


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