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I cannot not see my friends progress

jef4sonjef4son Posts: 3 Newbie

I’m having trouble, I can no longer see what level my friends are on


  • QueenBQueenB Posts: 8,521 Community Manager

    Hi there @jef4son and welcome to your Super Saga Community 🤗

    First of all, so sorry we've missed your question but wanted to check if this is still an issue for you. Are you still not able to see your friends?

    Is your game connected to a Facebook or King account? Have you tried disconnecting the game, restarting the game app, connecting the game back to FB or King account to see if that helps?

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  • abe_coffeeabe_coffee Posts: 1,950 Level 5

    hi @jef4son

    welcome to the community

    🍮 🍮  

    am sorry you cannot see your friends

    this is usually a temporary condition ... but it has been several days

    typically the login is faulty when the friends list is empty

    🍮 🍮  

    please do not change anything until we have more information from you

    🍮 🍮  

    @QueenB asked if you are using facebook or king.com

    there is one unlikely cause ... every friend has quit playing for 90 days

    please keep trying and please provide any other details(windows 10? ... mobile device? ... new device? ... new moon?)

    🍮 🍮  

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