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Level 2499 butterflies won’t open. My message below screenshots

krystlerosekrystlerose Posts: 79 Level 2
edited May 6 in Discussions & Support

Have to collect 8 butterflies but 1 and sometimes 2 on left of game will not open at all even when I use the hand to open/pickup…which works on all other butterflies, all other butterflies open. My iPhone 7 is updated to 14.5.1 the game app is updated. 3 Screenshots included (hard to do since have to play and take pictures at same time, game moves fast ). Can’t get through game without these two butterflies.

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  • krystlerosekrystlerose Posts: 79 Level 2
    Accepted Answer

    Fixed..can’t delete original post

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  • FluzzardFluzzard Posts: 12,611 Farm Super Saga Moderator
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    Hi @krystlerose

    So glad to hear that your problem was sloved.

    Instead of deleting this thread,I think closing it to avoid others' confusion is enough.And only Community Manager(s) can delete comment(s).Hope you can understand.

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