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I bought booster, but don't get booster - online silver coins lost

ypsi66ypsi66 Posts: 3 Newbie

I bought booster today (gloves and watering can), but didn't get the booster. Only silver coins were deducted. Why? How I can get it back? I'm a little bit in a bad mood now. 😨😬 Thanks for your answers.


  • FluzzardFluzzard Posts: 12,616 Farm Super Saga Moderator

    @ypsi66 hi and welcome.

    Sorry for hearing your problem about this.😔

    Unfortunately,here is King Community and we can't deal with purchase problems.

    To slove this problem,my advice is contacting the King Support Team.

    ** While filling out the form, enter the TOPIC as "Problems with Purchase" ---> and the SUB-TOPIC as "Purchased items not received" ---> Explain briefly about the issue and Submit the form.   NOTE:  Along with above details, make sure to enter the Game Name correctly!

    After sending the complaint, you will be receiving an automated email as acknowledgement.If you have not heard from them within 3 days, send a reply to that automated email you have received. 

    Hope it is help.

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