Game keeps crashing to home screen on my iPad 2 in the middle of playing a level.


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    Hi Shawn- Thanks for posting on King Care. I am sorry that you have been experiencing a problem with your game. 

    After careful investigation by our Technical Team we have found that your device may no longer be fully compatible with our games. With improvements to graphics, sound and the addition of new features in our games, some older devices may not be able to handle the implemented changes. 

    Performance may vary and crashing issues may disrupt the enjoyment of the game. 

    Some players have reported that following these steps have improved their playing experience:

    - Turn off spotlight search to save memory. Check the end of this official apple support article for help  

    - Turn off multitasking gestures to save memory. You can toggle this on and off by tapping on the “Settings” app, tapping on “General”, tapping on “Multitasking Gestures”, and then turn OFF.Finally ensure you fully close ALL multitasking functions and turn the device completely OFF (Slide the “Slide to Power Off” screen) at least once a day.

    Whilst we do endeavor to have as many devices as possible compatible with our games, we do want our games to be the best and this means making improvements.

    Until you are able to perhaps fully enjoy the games on a newer model you are always able to play most of our Saga games on Facebook or at on a computer.

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