Loading issue on my iphone

farmheroesplayerfarmheroesplayer Posts: 2 New Bee
The game has not been loading on my iPhone for about 5 days now. It loads up to 100% and then it is stuck on the orange screen. After a few minutes an emoji appears and the message oops It seems there is a connection problem, try again and when you press on the button try again, nothing happens. iOS is updated to latest version. 


  • QueenBQueenB Posts: 4,054 Community Manager
    Welcome to our Community @farmheroesplayer!

    It sound like you might have to try reinstalling the game app. 

    It usually fixes most issues (please note that any progress on the mobile device that has not been synchronized with Facebook/ Kingdom at this stage will be lost.

    However, all the progress that is currently saved on Facebook/Kingdom can easily be retrieved, once you have reconnected the device successfully). Regrettably, you will lose any saved boosters and messages. I would recommend using these up before re-installing, if possible.

    Let me know how it goes :) 
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  • farmheroesplayerfarmheroesplayer Posts: 2 New Bee
    Thank you for your reply. The last option would be to reinstall the app yes. I’m not synchronised with Facebook and was on level 550 so it would be very disappointing to lose all of that and start over with the game. Money wasted as well. Since I am unable to access the game, I will not able to save messages and boosters either. It would be helpful if there would be another solution instead of starting over from scratch? 
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