It takes 12 ours, until the goldbars where credited ...

MATwisterMATwister Posts: 6
When i buy gold bars, the message appears: The gold bars have been successfully credited to your account. We sent an invoice detailing the transaction to XXX.
Please contact the support details directly if there are any problems.

Well there were repeated problems! The gold bars were not credited. I wroteย directly to the supportย with all information and the purchase confirmation. What came back ... an automated answer ... if I'm having problems, I should contact the community and / or go to a help page. That's just bullshitting customers.
Well, after about 12 hours, the gold bars were credited - after which I restarted the game. That's not the point. In recent years, that has always worked. Within seconds of the purchase, the gold bars were credited and you could continue playing. Now it does not work anymore and the support team does not feel like helping at all !ย I'm sure, no one in the community will be able to check if and when, i bought gold bars and when they were credited.


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