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This is the situation I encountered not once but twice. I was playing levels to complete the three quests. I was required to finish two levels with three stars (Overachiever) on one of them and had accomplished one level with three stars. I opened the quest "page" to check out the rewards and was going to close it by clicking on the big "x" but accidentally did so on the small "x" situated right below. The quest was instantly deleted and a new one (Natural born winner) showed up with the coins as a prize. I am very upset about it because I know I can achieve another level with three stars. I really prefer the glove to the coins. The coins are already awarded once the Country Show ends and they are only useful for purchasing boosters if I have lots of gold bars but I have none. I rely on the quests to help me replenish my booster supply. It would be greatly appreciated if you could request the studio to fix it by adding a confirmation, or moving the small "x" to the bottom of each quest or placing it on the opposite side as a preventive measure. The screenshots are attached for your perusal. Thank you.
P.S. I am beyond livid because I won two levels in a row with three stars each after posting this.


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