What are the different game modes?

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There are several game modes, each of which challenges you in a different way: 

  • Score mode: Reach a maximum score by digging through diamonds and uncovering special treasures. Clearing larger groups of jewels gives you a bigger score and bonus moves, so go for large groups to conserve moves and achieve a higher score.
  • Toys mode: Collect toys by digging through diamonds. These cute ducks, submarines and octopuses will appear when they are dug out of the turquoise tiles.
    Note: You can’t get toys by clicking on diamonds that are not on a turquoise tile.
  • Rescue the fireflies: Fireflies need water to wake up. Lead the water to them to make them rise and shine. You will need a specific amount of fireflies to pass a level. Make sure you don’t miss any of them when the alert sign is on.
  • Totem mode: Totems are your key to success, so bring them down! You need to place them on top of their bases to win.
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