What types of boosters are available?

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There are several boosters available to help you pass a level:

  • Color Burst: Match with a diamond and it will remove all diamonds of the same color.
  • Extra Moves: Allows you to start the level with 5 extra moves.
  • Magic Orb: This booster recharges every time you clear a group of diamonds. Once full, you will receive a Color Burst, Line Blast or Dynamite depending on the level.
  • Dynamite: Place it anywhere, anyhow, to blow up all surrounding tiles. Destroy more tiles for an explosive score!
  • Line Blast: Use it to clear your way! 
    Warning: This booster will clear diamonds both horizontally and vertically at the same time.
  • Fast Orb:If used in a level, it will fill the Magic Orb three times faster than normal.
  • Earthquake:Rocks fall from the ceiling after entering each room. The number of rocks is a random number between 15 and 20.
  • Shovel: The shovel unblocks 1 tile. It can be used over any kind of tile or blocker.
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