What are the different ways to play?

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In Shuffle Cats you’ll experience a variety of ways to play.

  • The Street: After beating Montie, you will be matched against another live card player! Use everything you’ve learned from Montie, to get the upper hand, and progress to the next level! After completing level 10, you’ll be up against Walter, the street champion!
  • Street Champions: On levels 11, 12 and 13, at the end of the Street, you’ll face Walter. He’ll teach you some new tricks to prepare you for Lucky Lane!
  • Lucky Lane: Beat Walter, and you’ll unlock Lucky Lane! Put your skills to the test among the best players in Shuffle Cats – Regal Rummy. Lucky Lane is full of Card Clubs; in those you’ll be competing for big Gem prizes and XP rewards. From here on, there are no levels. What matters is your rank. Can you reach rank 60?
  • Walter’s Workshop
    Walter’s Workshop lives within Lucky Lane. Each week, Walter opens the workshop with a wacky experiment. Win multiple matches in-a-row to unlock prize chests!
  • Hearts or Spades Mini Game: Join Walter as you try and guess whether the next card will be Hearts or Spades. Each day you’ll get one free go on the Hearts or Spades card game. Good luck!
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