How do the lives work in Diamond Digger?

Crusher18Crusher18 Posts: 1,286

Sometimes I have a pop up when I start the game about lives and friends needing help and sometimes it does not appear. How exactly does it work? 

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    Hey there Crusher18! Sending lives is a great way for you to help your mates out! For you to do this, your friend(s) need to have asked you to send them lives.

    This request will show up in the right column on your Facebook home page. Click on the “Send” button next to your friend’s name to send them an extra life. If you have multiple requests, you should see them all on this page. Approve the request to send lives to your friends. Help additional friends at the same time.

    After you’re done dealing with the request, you will see a page to send additional lives to more friends. Just check the friends you want to send an extra life to. You can choose multiple people at the same time. 

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