Is there a way to control the direction of the water in Diamond Digger Saga?

Crusher18Crusher18 Posts: 1,286

Is there a technique into making the water go the direction you want it to? Sorry it may seem like a silly question, but it always seems random to me. 

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  • Pete_PeppersPete_Peppers Posts: 329
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    Crusher18 if you are talking about levels with multiple exits you will want to clear the path for the water to the one you want it to go out.  This can actually be very important in levels like 70 and 270 because if you go the wrong way you won't be able to clear them most of the time. Check out this video of level 270 to see what I mean.  

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  • Digger1Digger1 Posts: 235

    Hey Crusher18 not to worry, when I first started playing I thought the same thing. Simply match 3 or more diamonds of the same colour are touching you can clear them by clicking on them. As you remove the ground blocks you clear a path for water to flow onto the play field. I hope this makes it clearer :D 

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